The Barchan Foundation, Inc. ("Barchan") was organized as a non--profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA in 2008. Barchan is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Identification No. 26-3878447. Barchan's activities are focused on how public infrastructure projects and services are structured, competed, financed, and delivered across the world - including concept, planning, design, construction, operations & maintenance, and finance.

"Public infrastructure projects" include transportation, water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, energy, buildings, and all facilities providing services and/or access to the public. Examples include: roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, heavy rail, light rail, transit, people movers, airports, passenger terminals and stations, cargo terminals, multi-modal facilities, water distribution networks, water treatment facilities, desalination plants, wastewater collection networks, wastewater treatment facilities, storm water collection systems, landfills, "trash-to-energy" plants, incinerators, electric power generation facilities, power transmission facilities, public office buildings, public schools, courthouses, prisons, stadiums.

Barchan researches, collects, organizes, and transmits data to help governments, firms, and individuals examine and compare of public policy and business practices for the delivery of public infrastructure facilities. Barchan promotes collaboration among stakeholders interested in the improvement of public infrastructure networks.

Cooperation with Other Organizations, Academia, and Industry

Barchan has cooperated with the International Bar Associationand its International Construction Projects Committee(ICP) and with the American Bar Association and its Section of Public Contract Law(PCL). Barchan is open to similar cooperation agreements with organizations interested in the delivery of public infrastructure facilities across the world.

Dr. John Brown Miller

Barchan was founded by Dr. John Brown Miller, a global expert on infrastructure with an eye on efficiency and value. Dr. Miller has a 35-year professional focus on bringing practical business, legislative, and contractual solutions to the world’s burgeoning public infrastructure needs. He was a reporter on the American Bar Association’s 2007 Model Code for Public Infrastructure Procurement project (MCPIP), and has consulted for the United Nations. Dr. Miller's work is focused on identifying "best practices" in infrastructure procurement to national, regional, and local governments. The identification of current practices is a central theme of the Barchan Foundation web application. The purpose is to help officials, vendors, and contractors ensure integrity in infrastructure delivery and finance, while helping taxpayers receive real value for money. The competitive principles in the MCPIP have been adopted by hundreds of jurisdictions around the world.

Dr. Miller was professor of construction management and civil and environmental engineering at MIT, writing two textbooks in the field of infrastructure delivery and finance. Dr. Miller is an elected fellow of the American Bar Association, its Section of Public Contract Law, and the American College of Construction Lawyers, in which he has served in leadership positions. He has served as Chair of the Procurement Subcommittee for the IBA's International Construction Projects Committee. Dr. Miller is a prolific writer in this space, with more than 100 scholarly articles and case studies, and numerous invited presentations in every corner of the world.

Infrastructure Practices

Barchan is collecting global information on public infrastructure practices across the world in support of increased understanding by both public and private sector stakeholders of how best to deliver the infrastructure facilities and services upon which the global economy depends.

Barchan publishes periodic information about its activities; and conducts education and training. Upon the request of legislative or regulatory bodies, or to provide factual support to collaborating institutions and organizations, the Barchan Foundation provides information about its research and data collection efforts in support of the adoption of "best practice" recommendations.

Barchan also provides consulting assistance (to public entities only) relating to the establishment or implementation of procurement processes for public infrastructure facilities.


Access to the data on the Barchan Foundation web application is available generally to the public, without registration or fee, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Accessibility pages on the Barchan Foundation webiste, and always subject to limitations that secure the site and its data from misuse.


Subscriptions are also available by secure registration, which is in all cases expressly subject to approval by Barchan Foundation, and to acceptance and compliance by registered users with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Accessibility pages on the Barchan Foundation webiste, and to limitations that secure the site and its data from misuse. A fee is charged for secure registration, which adds functionality. Access to Barchan's reporting functionality is also available for an additional fee. Subject to case by case agreement with Barchan Foundation, registered access to Barchan's reporting function is also available, in exchange for postings of additional projects to the Barchan database.


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