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What is a Barchan?  (bärˈkän)

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Barchan Foundation, Inc.

The Barchan Foundation, Inc. ("Barchan") was organized as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA in 2008.  Barchan is a tax-exempt private charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax Identification No. 26-3878447.  Barchan's activities are focused on how public infrastructure projects and services are structured, competed, financed, and delivered across the world - from conceptual planning, design and construction, through finance and funding to life cycle operations, maintenance and repair.

Barchan researches, collects, organizes, and transmits simplified summaries of project delivery and finance information to help governments, firms, and individuals better understand practices for the delivery of public infrastructure facilities.  Barchan’s aim is to promote collaboration among stakeholders to achieve demonstrable improvements in the level of service and life cycle cost.

Dr. John Brown Miller

Barchan was founded by Dr. John Brown Miller, a global expert on infrastructure.  

Untangling Infrastructure Delivery and Finance

Barchan uses a common framework to show how public infrastructure has been delivered and financed across the world.  Projects in the Barchan databases are mapped into this simple framework, which offers a practical application of Worldwide Trends in the Delivery & Finance of Public Infrastructure. 

How projects are structured has a significant effect on life cycle cost, initial cost, source of funding, timing of public funding, and level of service.  The figure below summarizes some of these effects. 

Barchan’s database confirms there are multiple choices available to governments in structuring how their infrastructure networks are delivered, financed, and maintained.  The Barchan database promotes a more substantive understanding of how networks and projects might be configured to deliver the infrastructure facilities and services essential to the global economy.

Barchan publishes periodic information about the projects in its database, in support of its interest in education and training on how to get better infrastructure service at lower life cycle cost.

On request, Barchan provides assistance (to public entities only) to improve infrastructure asset management practices – always with an eye on better service at lower cost.

“Public Infrastructure” in the Barchan App

The term "Public infrastructure" includes transportation, water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, energy, buildings, and all facilities providing services and/or access to the public. Examples include: roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, heavy rail, light rail, transit, people movers, airports, passenger terminals and stations, cargo terminals, multi-modal facilities, water distribution networks, water treatment facilities, desalination plants, wastewater collection networks, wastewater treatment facilities, storm water collection systems, landfills, "trash-to-energy" plants, incinerators, electric power generation facilities, power transmission facilities, public office buildings, public schools, courthouses, prisons, stadiums.

Un-Registered Access

Access to project data on the Barchan Foundation web application is available generally to the public, without registration or fee, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Accessibility of the site, subject always to such additional limitations as Barchan Foundation determines necessary or appropriate to secure the site and its data from misuse.

Registered Access by Subscription Reporting

Subscriptions are also available by secure registration, which is in all cases expressly subject to approval by Barchan Foundation, and to prior acceptance and compliance by users with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Accessibility of the site.  Registered Use is subject always to such additional limitations as Barchan Foundation determines necessary or appropriate to secure the site and its data from misuse.

Four levels of Subscription are available, described here

Other Arrangements

By special agreement with Barchan Foundation, registered access to Barchan's reporting function is available in exchange for project postings of interest to Barchan.


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