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Delivery Method

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Background informationProject Created: December 15, 2010

Project Name: S. Alaskan Way (Seattle) Viaduct Replacement
Year in Operation: 2019
Sector: Transportation
Subsector: Roads, Bridge
Status: Design / Construction
Type: New Facility
Description: Update: Tunneling officially complete on April 17, 2017. The 2001 Nisqually earthquake damaged the Alaskan Way Viaduct, part of State Route (SR) 99. As part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program, the Washington State Department of Transportation is replacing the southern mile of the viaduct, between S. Holgate Street and S. King Street, with a side-by-side roadway that meets current earthquake design standards. The S. Holgate Street to S. King Street replacement project includes: three SR 99 lanes in each direction with wider lanes and shoulders, new on- and off-ramps, an overcrossing of railroad tracks at S. Atlantic Street, new bicycle and pedestrian paths, new and rebuilt city streets, and a connection to the existing viaduct near S. King Street.
Delivery Method as described in the country where it's located: Design Bid Build
Is the project still active: Yes
Comments: In addition to replacing the southern mile of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the project will build a new overcrossing of the railroad tracks at S. Atlantic Street. Because of this, the project type can also be considered "New Facility Construction"

Project Locations

Address: 126 WA-99
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States of America

Souces of Project Support (Non-monetary)

Checkbox Checked Land: The new roadway will mostly be constructed within the existing SR 99 right of way. In 2007, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) purchased a 3.8 acre portion of the former Washington-Oregon Shipping Cooperative Association property to serve as a staging area for viaduct-related construction; WSDOT also leased the remaining land. Then, in 2009, WSDOT purchased the remaining 3.98 acres. In 2008, WSDOT purchased Pier 48 from the Port of Seattle to serve as a staging area for viaduct-related construction.
Checkbox Checked Environmental Clearance: The Environmental Assessment for this project was published in June 2008, and the Finding of No Significant Impact was published in February 2009. The Environmental Policy Act required the project to consider Air Quality Conformity, Surface Water and Water Quality, the impact to endangered species in the project area, and noise. A brief synopsis of the endangered species that had to be considered for impact prior to construction were killer whale, steller sea lion, Chinook salmon, steelhead, and bull trout.

Souces of Project Support (Monetary)

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From Public (Government) Sources to Producers: The project is estimated to cost US$4.25 billion. On May 12, 2009, Governor Gregoire signed Senate Bill 5768, authorizing $2.8 billion in state funds for a possible deep-bore tunnel. The project has committed funding from the state gas tax and other federal sources. State gas-tax-supported projects are financed, in part, by bonds referred to as Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax/General Obligation bonds.

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Direct Cash Support

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From Public Sponsor of Project - Direct Expenditure of Appropriated Public Funds: The FHWA also contributed funds to the project as a federal source of monetary support. These funds were pre-existing, non-interstate funds allocated specifically to the viaduct project. Additionally, some local funds were also used in the project and are awaiting the execution of the agreement.

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Credit Enhancements: $200 million will be collected from tolls at rates set by the Washington State Transportation Commission with input from the Advisory Committee on Tolling and Traffic Management.

Project Delivery & Finance Method

Project Delivery:
All Public Finance. Public Sponsor contracts for initial design, and separately contracts for initial construction. Public Owner operates and maintains the resulting facility.
Construction Manager At Risk Variants: Public Sponsor contracts with Construction Contractor after Design is Complete.

Procurement Approach

Project Component
Based Selection
Request for
Request for
for Bids

Term for Key Components & Forms of Contract

Project Component
Initial Design and Construction
Mandatory Statutory Form
State of Washington format to contracts. 

Project Value (If and As Known)

Date of Estimated Project Value: June 1, 2017
Project Value
Hard Cost
Hard & Soft Costs
Pre-Feasibility (Public Sponsor Expense)
> $50 Million US
$100-500 Million US
$100-500 Million US
$1-5 Billion US
$1-5 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US


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