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Delivery Method

DBFOM All Private Finance
# of Projects: 1
100% of the Results

Background informationProject Created: February 18, 2011

Project Name: Santa Paula Water Recycling Facility
Year in Operation: 2010
Sector: Water & Waste
Subsector: Water
Status: In Operation
Type: New Facility
Description: The project involves the design, construction, operations, finance, and maintenance of a new 4.2 MGD Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) Water Recycling Facility in Santa Paula California. The facility serves approximately 32,000 people and is the first of its kind to be built under California’s new regulations encouraging Public Private Partnerships to solve infrastructure needs.
Delivery Method as described in the country where it's located: Design Build Finance Operate Maintain
Is the project still active: Yes

Project Locations

Address: 903 Corporation St
City: Santa Paula
State: California
Country: United States of America

Souces of Project Support (Non-monetary)

Checkbox Checked Land: The city of Santa Paula City had to purchase the project land at a cost. The land is located next to the pre-existing water treatment facility.
Checkbox Checked Access to Land: The DBFO entity of the recycling plant is comprised of PERC Water, a corporation focused on designing, building, operating, and maintaining water recycling facilities around the US, and Alinda, the largest manager in the US of pension assets for infrastructure investments. PERC provides the Design, Build, Operations, and Maintenance of the project, while Alinda provides the capital. The City of Santa Paula is giving this combined entity full access to the plant for a term of 30 years. During that term, PERC and Alinda own all assets on the property and are responsible for providing all the capital upfront to operate and maintain the facility.
Checkbox Checked Revenue Stream (Cash Flow) Created Through Initial Commitment of Public Sponsor(s): The city of Santa Paula has agreed to pay the DBFOM entity a fixed fee of $500K each month to design, build, operate, and maintain the facility. To help cover this fee, sewer rates and user fees have been increased to as high as $77 per month per household in the surrounding area. On top of the fixed fee, there are variable charges and incentives each month related to the DBFOM’s performance, specifically its ability to save on energy costs during operations.
Checkbox Checked Environmental Clearance: This project was specifically built to replace an old plant that was discharging into the Santa Clara River irresponsibly. The City was facing over $8 Million in fines for these poor discharge practices. Therefore, before the new plant was built, an Environmental Impact Report was executed according to the California Environmental Quality Act. Additionally, permits and clearances minimizing the affects to the Santa Clara River bed had to be obtained. These cost approximately $1 Million.

Souces of Project Support (Monetary)

Checkbox Checked

From Private Capital Markets Directly to Producers as Debt: Alinda, the partner in the DBFOM joint venture providing all the investments for the project, provides all the upfront capital for the project in this service concession agreement.

Project Delivery & Finance Method

Project Delivery:
All Public Finance. Public Sponsor contracts for initial design, and separately contracts for initial construction. Public Owner operates and maintains the resulting facility.
Is there an independent checking engineer? Yes
Project Finance Method: All By Private Sponsor

Procurement Approach

Project Component
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Term for Key Components & Forms of Contract

Project Component
Combined Term: Initial Design, Construction, O&M Period
Custom Document 

Project Value (If and As Known)

Date of Estimated Project Value: February 18, 2011
Project Value
Hard Cost
Hard & Soft Costs
Operations & Maintenance
< $200 Million US
< $200 Million US


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