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Delivery Method

DBOM Partially Public Finance
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100% of the Results

Background informationProject Created: December 20, 2018

Project Name: Tideway (Thames R London) Super Sewer
Year in Operation: 2024
Sector: Water & Waste
Subsector: Wastewater
Status: Design / Construction
Type: New Facility
Description: 25 km system of large bore wastewater tunnel along the Thames River in London, beginning upriver at Acton (above Richmond Upon Thames) leading to Abbey Mills (below Chambers Wharf) for a further connection alng the Lee Tunnel to a new Beckton Treatment Plant near the East side of Newham (below Greenwich). Tunnel diameter varies between 6.5 and 7.2 meters, and slopes downward at a 1:800 incline reaching 65m below ground at Abbey Mills. The tunnel will divert discharges from 34 combined sewer overflow (CSO) points. This will capture more than 90% of the annual amount of raw sewage that enters the Thames each year.
Delivery Method as described in the country where it's located: Concession
Is the project still active: Yes
Comments: The project was procured by Thames Water, one of the large concessionaires operating water and wastewater in the UK. Thames also procured a private consortium of financial companies and funds to own the project - Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd., and transfer the design build contractors it had procured to the tunnel company.

Project Locations

City: London
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Souces of Project Support (Non-monetary)

Checkbox Checked Land: Much of the project is under public land in the Thames. The project will connect (and capture combined sewer outflows) from a very large network of egg-shaped sewer tunnels built in the 1860's by the Metropolitan Board of Works, led by Joseph Bazalgette. The estimate cost of the project has nearly doubled between 2007 ($2.8 billion) and 2016 ($5.4 billion).
Checkbox Checked Revenue Stream (Cash Flow) Protected Through Long Term Commitment(s) of Public Sponsor(s): Government agreed to a supporting financial package that includes equity investment to cover cost overruns, insurance indemnities, and compensation in the event of a project termination. Thames Water's customers will fund repayment of cost of the project through increased rates.
Checkbox Checked Environmental Clearance: From Government.

Souces of Project Support (Monetary)

Checkbox Checked

From Public (Government) Sources to Producers: The European Investment Bank committed an $890-million 35 year loan to the project.

Checkbox Checked

From Private Capital Markets Directly to Producers as Debt: Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd is the "owner" of the project, a consortium of financial companies and funds. It raised capital for the project through bonds and commercial debt.

Checkbox Checked

From Producers as Equity: Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd is the "owner" of the project, a cosortium of financial companies and funds. It committed substantial equity to the project.

Project Delivery & Finance Method

Project Delivery:
Design Build Operate Maintain (Partially Public Finance). Public Sponsor contracts for initial design, construction, and for long term operations and maintenance with a single entity. At the end of the term, Public Sponsor regains control of the facility.
Is there an independant checking engineer? Yes
Project Finance Method: All or Partially By Public Sponsor

Procurement Approach

Project Component
Based Selection
Request for
Request for
for Bids
Design Build Operate and Maintain
Project Component
Is Negotiation of the Price Permitted After Selection of the Winner?
Is Negotiation of the Scope of Services Permitted After Selection of the Winner?
Are the fees (tolls) to be charged to users over the term an evaluation factor user in Selection of the Winner?

Term for Key Components & Forms of Contract

Project Component
Combined Term: Initial Design, Construction, O&M Period
Don't Know

Project Value (If and As Known)

Date of Estimated Project Value: December 3, 2018
Project Value
Hard Cost
Hard & Soft Costs
Pre-Feasibility (Public Sponsor Expense)
> $50 Million US
> $5 Billion US
> $5 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US


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