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PART A: Status of Projects

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PART A: Status of Projects
# Project Name Status Country Year in Operation Cost *
1Central Artery /Tunnel (CA/T)In OperationUSA1995> $10 Billion US
2NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust)In OperationGBR2005> $10 Billion US
3SEA-HSR Tours-Bordeaux (High-Speed-Rail) lineIn OperationFRA2017> $10 Billion US
4Trans-Alaska Pipeline SystemIn OperationUSA1977> $10 Billion US
5A1 Gdansk to Nowe Tollway (Poland)In OperationPOL2008$2 - $10 Billion US
6Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline - Phase 1 and 2In OperationBOL2000$2 - $10 Billion US
7Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline - Phase 1 and 2In OperationBRA2000$2 - $10 Billion US
8Canada Line, Vancouver, BCIn OperationCAN2009$2 - $10 Billion US
9CityLinkIn OperationAUS1999$2 - $10 Billion US
10Colchester GarrisonIn OperationGBR2008$2 - $10 Billion US
11Highway 407 ETR (Road - Round 2)In OperationCAN1999$2 - $10 Billion US
12Luis Muñoz Marin International AirportIn OperationPRI2012$2 - $10 Billion US
13Manitowoc Submerged Microfiltration PlantIn OperationUSA2007$2 - $10 Billion US
14Millau Viaduct (Le Viaduc de Millau)In OperationFRA2004$2 - $10 Billion US
15MWRA CSO Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA1995$2 - $10 Billion US
16Texas SH 130, Loop 1, Tex 45NIn OperationUSA2008$2 - $10 Billion US
17Western Corridor Recycled Water ProjectIn OperationAUS2008$2 - $10 Billion US
18Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer CenterIn OperationCAN2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
19Aero Train Stations/Tunnels (Dulles Int'l Airport)In OperationUSA2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
20Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement ProjectIn OperationCAN2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
21Bayonne Bridge Navigational Clearance ProjectIn OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
22Confederation Bridge (Northumberland Strait)In OperationCAN1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
23Cooper River Bridge ReplacementIn OperationUSA2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
24Cross City Tunnel (Sydney)In OperationAUS2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
25Detroit Little Caesars Arena (Red Wings and Pistons)In OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
26EastLinkIn OperationAUS2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
27El Paso (TX) Inland Desal PlantIn OperationUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
28Eurasia TunnelIn OperationTUR2016$500 Million - $2 Billion US
29Gold Coast Desalination ProjectIn OperationAUS2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
30Highway 407 ETR (Round 1 - Road)In OperationCAN1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
31Hong Kong Eastern Harbour CrossingIn OperationHKG1989$500 Million - $2 Billion US
32Hong Kong Western Harbour CrossingIn OperationHKG1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
33Hudson Bergen Light Rail ProjectIn OperationUSA2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
34I-15 Corridor Reconstruction Project - UtahIn OperationUSA2001$500 Million - $2 Billion US
35Jeddah Islamic Port (Privatization Program)In OperationSAU2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
36JFK International Arrivals Building (IAB)In OperationUSA2001$500 Million - $2 Billion US
37Lane Cove TunnelIn OperationAUS2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
38Lewis and Clark Bridge (East End Crossing) Louisville KYIn OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
39Melbourne City LinkIn OperationAUS2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
40Mercedes-Benz StadiumIn OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
41Nam Theun 2 Multi-Purpose ProjectIn OperationLAO2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
42New Cooper River Bridge, SCIn OperationUSA2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
43New MetroRail (NMR) ProjectIn OperationAUS2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
44New Tacoma Narrows (East Bound) BridgeIn OperationUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
45New York Yankee StadiumIn OperationUSA2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
46Oldham Sheltered HousingIn OperationGBR2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
47Pocahontas Pkwy, VA (Round 2 - 99 yr concession)In OperationUSA2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
48Port of Baltimore Marine Terminal UpgradeIn OperationUSA1990$500 Million - $2 Billion US
49Queensferry Crossing (Firth of Forth) ScotlandIn OperationGBR2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
50Replacement Kosciuszko Bridge Phase 1In OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
51Royal Children's HospitalIn OperationAUS2011$500 Million - $2 Billion US
52South Terminal and Satellite Barcelona AirportIn OperationESP2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
53SR-125: THE SOUTH BAY EXPRESSWAYIn OperationUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
54State Route 73/San Joaquin Hills Toll RoadIn OperationUSA1996$500 Million - $2 Billion US
55Suburban Train System 1 (Mexico City)In OperationMEX2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
56SunTrustParkIn OperationUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
57Sydney Harbor TunnelIn OperationAUS1992$500 Million - $2 Billion US
58The Partnerships Victoria in Schools ProjectIn OperationAUS2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
59The Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX)In OperationUSA2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
60Trans-Canada Hwy 4-lane Upgrade (NB)In OperationCAN2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
61Twins Stadium Minneapolis (Target Field)In OperationUSA2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
62Vancouver Convention Center ExpansionIn OperationCAN2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
63Washington Nationals Baseball ParkIn OperationUSA2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
64Aero Train Vehicles/System (Dulles Intl' Airport)In OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
65Arrowhead Tunnels Southern CAIn OperationUSA2009$200 - $500 Million US
66Astana (Kazakhstan) Airport RenovationIn OperationKAZ2005$200 - $500 Million US
67Bakersfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion 3In OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
68Brazoria County Expressway (TX Hwy 288)In OperationUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
69Central Garage at Boston Logan AirportIn OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
70Cranston Wastewater Treatment UpgradeIn OperationUSA1997$200 - $500 Million US
71Deep Tube Lines-Bakerloo, Central, VictoriaIn OperationGBR2003$200 - $500 Million US
72Docklands Light Railway Extension to WoolwichIn OperationGBR2009$200 - $500 Million US
73Dulles Greenway (Dulles Toll Road Extension)In OperationUSA1995$200 - $500 Million US
74Edmonton Anthony Henday Drive (SE)In OperationCAN2007$200 - $500 Million US
75Energy Transmission Line Norte-Sul IIIn OperationBRA2004$200 - $500 Million US
76Expansion of I-15 (Nevada)In OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
77Fountain Creek Recovery ProjectIn OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
78Fountain Valley Groundwater Replenishment SystemIn OperationUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
79Groundwater Replenishment SystemIn OperationUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
80Hong Kong Chemical Waste Treatment PlantIn OperationCHN1993$200 - $500 Million US
81Hong Kong Chemical Waste Treatment PlantIn OperationHKG1993$200 - $500 Million US
82I-35W St. Anthony Falls BridgeIn OperationUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
83I-5 Everett (WA) HOV Addition Snohomish CtyIn OperationUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
84Interstate 80-90 PUSH Project (Indiana, USA)In OperationUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
85iROX I-75 Road Expansion ProjectIn OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
86Island East Waste Transfer StationIn OperationHKG1992$200 - $500 Million US
87Island East Waste Transfer StationIn OperationCHN1992$200 - $500 Million US
88kcICON (Kansas City Interstate Connector)In OperationUSA2011$200 - $500 Million US
89Kibby Wind ProjectIn OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
90Kowloon Bay Waste Transfer StationIn OperationHKG1990$200 - $500 Million US
91Kowloon Bay Waste Transfer StationIn OperationCHN1990$200 - $500 Million US
92Lake Pleasant Water Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
93New Bronx Criminal Court ComplexIn OperationUSA2006$200 - $500 Million US
94North East New Territories Landfill (NENT)In OperationCHN1995$200 - $500 Million US
95North East New Territories Landfill (NENT)In OperationHKG1995$200 - $500 Million US
96Northwest ParkwayIn OperationUSA2003$200 - $500 Million US
97Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment CenterIn OperationCAN2008$200 - $500 Million US
98Pitt River Bridge & Mary Hill InterchangeIn OperationCAN2009$200 - $500 Million US
99Pocahontas Pkwy, VA (Round 1 - 63-20 Corp)In OperationUSA2002$200 - $500 Million US
100Redevelopment Terminal A at Boston Logan AirportIn OperationUSA2005$200 - $500 Million US
101Replacement Biloxi Bay Bridge (MS)In OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
102Rochester Highway 52In OperationUSA2005$200 - $500 Million US
103Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care CenterIn OperationCAN2010$200 - $500 Million US
104Skinner Water Treatment Plant Oxidation RetrofitIn OperationUSA2009$200 - $500 Million US
105South East New Territories Landfill (SENT)In OperationCHN1994$200 - $500 Million US
106South East New Territories Landfill (SENT)In OperationHKG1994$200 - $500 Million US
107Southern Cross StationIn OperationAUS2006$200 - $500 Million US
108SuperaqueductoIn OperationPRI1999$200 - $500 Million US
109Suramadu Toll BridgeIn OperationIDN2009$200 - $500 Million US
110Tate's Cairn Tunnel, KowloonIn OperationHKG1991$200 - $500 Million US
111Terminal E Modernization Boston Logan AirportIn OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
112Ting Kau BridgeIn OperationHKG1998$200 - $500 Million US
113US Census Bureau HeadquartersIn OperationUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
114US Southern Command HQ (Florida)In OperationUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
115VIHA Residential and Assisted Care Init.In OperationCAN2008$200 - $500 Million US
116West New Territories Landfill (WENT)In OperationCHN1993$200 - $500 Million US
117West New Territories Landfill (WENT)In OperationHKG1993$200 - $500 Million US
118(NYC) Install sewer and storm drainsIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
1191-95 Widening Project, FloridaIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
12014/32 Commuter Aircraft Runway Boston LoganIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
12186th St Reconstruction, Shore Rd to Gatling PlIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
122A249 Stockbury to SheernessIn OperationGBR2006< $200 Million US
123A249 Stockbury to SheernessIn OperationGBR2006< $200 Million US
124Addition to Defense Intelligence Analysis CenterIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
125ADH Gatehouse (Harlem Stage)In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
126ANZAC Bridge (Sydney)In OperationAUS1995< $200 Million US
127ASU (Phoenix) Nursing Health Renov. IIIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
128Barwon Water Biosolids ProjectIn OperationAUS2009< $200 Million US
129Bennet Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
130Bethelview Rd (GA) Advanced Water Recl. FacilityIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
131Blackstone (CO) Zone 8 Pump StationIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
132Blue Ridge Reservoir UpgradeIn OperationUSA2004< $200 Million US
133Bridges Juvenile CenterIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
134Britannia Mine Water Treatment PlantIn OperationCAN2006< $200 Million US
135Bronx Museum of Art Expansion/RenovIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
136Brooklyn Childrens Museum ExpansionIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
137Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment PlantIn OperationAUS2007< $200 Million US
138Canby Utility 13th Avenue Reservoir ProjectIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
139Central Library Branch RenovationIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
140Chain of Rocks Canal, Locks, and Dam 27In OperationUSA1953< $200 Million US
141Charles Jago Northern Sport CentreIn OperationCAN2007< $200 Million US
142Chelsea MA (USA) Grass CuttingIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
143Chelsea, MA (US) Water/Sewer/Drain O&MIn OperationUSA2002< $200 Million US
144Chelsea, MA (USA) Pavement Markings O&MIn OperationUSA2004< $200 Million US
145Chelsea, MA (USA) Public Vehicles O&MIn OperationUSA1992< $200 Million US
146Chelsea, MA (USA) Street Sweeping O&MIn OperationUSA2004< $200 Million US
147City Island Ave Road ImprovementsIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
148City of Las Vegas Lone Mountain Lift StationIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
149City of Milwaukee Ozonation FacilitiesIn OperationUSA1998< $200 Million US
150Clovis Water Reuse FacilityIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
151Corvallis WWTP Disinfection FacilitiesIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
152Crescent Street Road, Water, Sewer ReconstructionIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
153Durham (ORE) Phase 4 WWTP ExpansionIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
154East Providence Wastewater Trmt Upgrade, O&MIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
155Edgewood Road ReconstructionIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
156El Museo Del Barrio UpgradeIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
157Emergency I-85 (Atlanta) Collapsed Bridge ReplacementIn OperationUSA2017< $200 Million US
158Evanston Water, Sewer & St. Improv.In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
159Fairmont and Garvin (Illinois) WTPIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
160Fairplay (CO) WWTPIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
161First New York City SubwayIn OperationUSA1902< $200 Million US
162Fond Du Lac Wastewater Treatment Plant RebuildIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
163Fort Carson (CO) 1st Brigade HQIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
164Fowler Water Reclamation FacilityIn OperationUSA2004< $200 Million US
165Frederick Douglass Circle ReconstructionIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
166Ft. Benning GA Wastewater Interconn. Pump Sta.In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
167Georgia Dome Coating ProjectIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
168Glenn Parks Interchange ProjectIn OperationUSA2004< $200 Million US
169Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care CenterIn OperationCAN2006< $200 Million US
170Gresham OR 30 inch Transmission PipelineIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
171Gresham, Oregon WWTP Asset ManagementIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
172Gwinnett Ballpark StadiumIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
173Hangar 511 Jacksonville NASIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
174Hanover NH WW Membrane Filtration FacilityIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
175Havemeyer Ave ReconstructionIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
176Haworth (NJ) Water Treatment UpgradeIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
177Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant, GeorgiaIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
178Hong Kong Cross Harbor TunnelIn OperationHKG1972< $200 Million US
179Houston St (NYC) Roadway ReconstructionIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
180I-25 and Alameda Avenue InterchangeIn OperationUSA2012< $200 Million US
181I-80 Widening Salt Lake City, UtahIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
182Idaho National Guard Live Fire Shoot HouseIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
183Indianapolis Wastewater Treatment WorksIn OperationUSA1994< $200 Million US
184Jamaica Performing Arts CenterIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
185Johns Creek Environmental CampusIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
186Kansas River Facility Supply and Treatment Imp.In OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
187Kap Shui Mun Bridge Long Term O&MIn OperationHKG1997< $200 Million US
188Kap Shui Mun Bridge Long Term O&MIn OperationCHN1997< $200 Million US
189Kent Ave/Franklin St/Commercial St Reconstr.In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
190Kicking Horse Canyon (B.C.) Phase 2In OperationCAN2008< $200 Million US
191Kingsbridge Branch of NY Public LibrariersIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
192Kwai Chung Container Terminals 1 to 9In OperationHKG1994< $200 Million US
193LA Municipal Courts Airport CourthouseIn OperationUSA1999< $200 Million US
194Leeville Toll Bridge over Bayou LafourcheIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
195Liberty Fairfield Ohio Water Booster Pump Sta.In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
196Lion Rock Tunnel Operations & MaintenanceIn OperationHKG1993< $200 Million US
197Maryland SR 30 Hamstead BypassIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
198McCarrons MN Granular Activated Carbon Filter ProjIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
199Merrimack (NH) Phase I WWTP UpgradeIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
200Metropolitan (St Paul MN) WWTP Incineration SystemIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
201Milddleton Wisconsin Water Utility Well #8In OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
202Milwaukee SCADA UpgradeIn OperationUSA2003< $200 Million US
203Mooresville Water Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
204Morris Forman Wastewater Trmt PlanIn OperationUSA1958< $200 Million US
205NASA Bldg 20, Johnson Space CenterIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
206National Security Sciences BuildingIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
207Nelson Flanders WTP and PipelinesIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
208Nelson-Flanders Water Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
209New Rescue Company 3, BronxIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
210New West Garage at Boston Logan AirportIn OperationUSA1999< $200 Million US
211North Davis (UT) Sewer District Plant ExpansionIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
212Norumbega (MA) Covered Storage Design BuildIn OperationUSA2003< $200 Million US
213NY Aquarium Medical FacilityIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
214NYC Family Intake Center for HomelessIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
215NYC Reconstruction (Portions) Flushing AveIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
216NYC Rehabilitation of 99th and 110th AvenueIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
217P285 (Norfolk VA) Damage Control TrainerIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
218Pala Reservation Wastewater Trmt PlantIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
219Park Slope Armory Revitalization Proj.In OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
220Portland (ORE) MAX I-205 LRT ExtensionIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
221Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (Dartford Crossing)In OperationGBR1991< $200 Million US
222Queen's Theater in the Park, AdditionIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
223Queens Botanical Garden Admin BldgsIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
224Racine Submerged Membrane Filtration ProjectIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
225Rail Runner Express, New MexicoIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
226Reconstruct 54th Ave (NYC)In OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
227Reconstruction (Portions) of Paulding Ave. (NYC)In OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
228Reconstruction of Beekman StIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
229Reconstruction of Bronx Zoo Lion HouseIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
230Reconstruction of Harrison St (NYC)In OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
231Reconstruction of Liberty Street (NYC)In OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
232Rehab 9th Precinct PoliceIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
233Renovation of NYC Central Park Police PrecinctIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
234Renovation of NYC Police Operations CenterIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
235Replacement Of Watermain In 4th AvenueIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
236Replacement Training Pool, Newport Naval StationIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
237Reptile Wing Staten Island ZooIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
238Richmond (BC) Olympic OvalIn OperationCAN2008< $200 Million US
239Rose M. Singer Center AdditionIn OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
240Salt Lake Secondary Sedimentation ExpansionIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
241Sanitary-Storm Upgrade Albee Ave.In OperationUSA2011< $200 Million US
242Santa Paula Water Recycling FacilityIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
243Santan Vista Water Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
244Scarborough (ME) Sanitary District WWTPIn OperationUSA1971< $200 Million US
245Seismic Upgrade To Claremont TunnelIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
246SH 266 & SH 71 Bridge ReplacementsIn OperationUSA2014< $200 Million US
247Sierra Yoyo Desan Resource RoadIn OperationCAN2005< $200 Million US
248Somerville Bike-ifyIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
249Sonoma (CA) Valley County Tertiary TreatmentIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
250Springfield-Branson (MO) Airport TerminalIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
251SR 72 (Sarasota, FL) at Myakka State ParkIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
252SR 91 Express LanesIn OperationUSA1996< $200 Million US
253Station Avenue Wastewater UpgradesIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
254Street Reconstruction Queens, NYIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
255Sunrise Yard (NY DOT)In OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
256T.C. WIlliam High School (Alexandria, VA)In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
257Terminal B South Addition Boston Logan AirportIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
258Throgs Neck Roadway ImpvmtsIn OperationUSA2006< $200 Million US
259Tolt River Water ProjectIn OperationUSA1998< $200 Million US
260Tsing Ma Bridge Long Term O&MIn OperationHKG1997< $200 Million US
261Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment PlantIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
262UAB Women & Infants CenterIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
263UC Irvine Humanities Gateway BldgIn OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
264US 17 Washington (NC) BypassIn OperationUSA2010< $200 Million US
265US Embassy Khartoum, SudanIn OperationSDN2010< $200 Million US
266Village of Fontana Main Lift Pumping StationIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
267Village of Port Edwards WWT FacilityIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
268Walter Cronkite School of JournalismIn OperationUSA2008< $200 Million US
269Water Main Upgrades Wall St (NYC(In OperationUSA2009< $200 Million US
270Water Main Work Richmond Rd (NYC)In OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
271Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant UpgradeIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
272West Wodonga Waste Water Treatment PlantIn OperationAUS2003< $200 Million US
273Wilson AZ WTP Hi-Service Pump Station 1BIn OperationUSA2007< $200 Million US
274Winter Park FL Swoope Water PlantIn OperationUSA2005< $200 Million US
275Withlacoochee (GA) Treatment Plant UpgardeIn OperationUSA2016< $200 Million US
276407 ETR (ETC/AVI Road)In OperationCAN1997N/A
277A1 (M) Alconbury to PeterboroughIn OperationGBR1998N/A
278A1 Darrington to DishforthIn OperationGBR2003N/A
279A13 Thames GatewayIn OperationGBR2004N/A
280A19 Dishforth to Tyne TunnelIn OperationGBR1998N/A
281Addenbrooke's Elective Care CenterIn OperationGBR2007N/A
282Adelaide Int'l Airport TerminalIn OperationAUS2005N/A
283Allenby/Connaught BarracksIn OperationGBR2006N/A
284Almond Valley, Seafield & Esk Waste SchemeIn OperationGBR2001N/A
285Arlington T StationIn OperationUSA0000N/A
286Barking and Dagenham Two Schools ProjectIn OperationGBR2005N/A
287Beijing South Railway StationIn OperationCHN2008N/A
288Benazir Bhutto (New) Islamabad Int'l AirportIn OperationPAK2010N/A
289Birmingham Northern Relief Road (M6 Toll)In OperationGBR2003N/A
290Bristol Group Schools Project (Phase 1A)In OperationGBR2007N/A
291Chicago Skyway (2004 Asset Monetization)In OperationUSA1958N/A
292Claremont Tunnel Seismic UpgradeIn OperationUSA2007N/A
293Cornwall Integrated Waste Management ProjectIn OperationGBR2006N/A
294Croton Water Tunnels (Additions)In OperationUSA2011N/A
295Darlington Five Schools ProjectIn OperationGBR2005N/A
296Deep Tube Lines-Jubilee, Northern and PicadillyIn OperationGBR2003N/A
297Devil's Slide Tunnel (Montara CA)In OperationUSA2013N/A
298Everrett I-5 HOVIn OperationUSA2009N/A
299Exeter Group Schools ProjectIn OperationGBR2005N/A
300Galena Creek Bridge (Reno, Nevada)In OperationUSA2011N/A
301Gateway Bridge I (Brisbane)In OperationAUS1986N/A
302Golden Gate BridgeIn OperationUSA1937N/A
303Hadley Learning Centre and Jigsaw ProjectIn OperationGBR2007N/A
304Harlow Housing Maintenance/Street Scene ServicesIn OperationGBR2007N/A
305Highland SewageIn OperationGBR2000N/A
306HMP Altcourse (Fazakerley)In OperationGBR1997N/A
307HMP ParcIn OperationGBR1997N/A
308HMP PeterboroughIn OperationGBR2005N/A
309Indiana Toll Road (2006 Asset Monetization)In OperationUSA1956N/A
310Isle of Wight Integrated Waste ManagementIn OperationGBR1997N/A
311Lake Champlain BridgeIn OperationUSA2011N/A
312Leeds Combined Secondary Schools ProjectIn OperationGBR2006N/A
313Lucas Oil Stadium Project (Indianapolis)In OperationUSA2008N/A
314M1-A1 Link RoadIn OperationGBR1999N/A
315Manchester Metrolink Ext. 1In OperationGBR2000N/A
316Manchester Waste Treatment/Disposal ProjectIn OperationGBR2007N/A
317Metro BilbaoIn OperationESP1995N/A
318Miles Platting Neighborhood PFIIn OperationGBR2007N/A
319NAS Pensacola Historic Mitigation and LandscapingIn OperationUSA2009N/A
320NESWCIn OperationUSA1985N/A
321Newcastle and North Tyneside LIFTIn OperationGBR2005N/A
322North Nottingham LIFTIn OperationGBR2006N/A
323Northamptonshire Group Schools Project 2In OperationGBR2009N/A
324Northumberland Waste Management ProjectIn OperationGBR2007N/A
325Norwich Area Grouped Schools ProjectIn OperationGBR2008N/A
326Nottinghamshire Waste Management ProjectIn OperationGBR2006N/A
327NYC Mayor's HPD Housing OfficeIn OperationUSA2006N/A
328O&M Contract for MBTA Commuter RailIn OperationUSA2003N/A
329Portsmouth Highway MaintenanceIn OperationGBR2005N/A
330Reconstruction Portions PA TpkeIn OperationUSA2009N/A
331Repainting Brooklyn Bridge (NYC)In OperationUSA1883N/A
332Replacement Of Distribution Mains in BrooklynIn OperationUSA2006N/A
333Route 3 North Transportation Improvement ProjectIn OperationUSA2005N/A
334Santa Paula Water Treatment FacilityIn OperationUSA2010N/A
335Second Severn CrossingIn OperationGBR1996N/A
336Shropshire Integrated Waste Management ProjectIn OperationGBR2007N/A
337Sondika Airport Bilbao ExpansionIn OperationESP2000N/A
338St. Helens and Whiston HospitalsIn OperationGBR2008N/A
339Sutong Bridge (Shanghai)In OperationCHN2008N/A
340Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)In OperationTWN2007N/A
341Tsing Ma Bridge Initial DeliveryIn OperationHKG1997N/A
342Tuen Mun Road Initial DeliveryIn OperationCHN1997N/A
343Tuen Mun Road Initial DeliveryIn OperationHKG1997N/A
344Twin Spans I-10 (New Orleans)In OperationUSA2010N/A
345Utah State Capitol Seismic RetrofitIn OperationUSA2009N/A
346Veteran Affairs Cancer Research Center PortlandIn OperationUSA2009N/A
347Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research BldgIn OperationUSA2010N/A
348Baltic Sea Pipeline (Nord Stream)Design / ConstructionDEU0000> $10 Billion US
349Baltic Sea Pipeline (Nord Stream)Design / ConstructionRUS0000> $10 Billion US
350Diamer Bhasha DamDesign / ConstructionPAK0000> $10 Billion US
351Second Avenue Subway (NYC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000> $10 Billion US
3521 World Trade Center (NYC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
353Airport LinkDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$2 - $10 Billion US
354Alta Wind Energy CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
355Central Subway Project (San Francisco)Design / ConstructionUSA2020$2 - $10 Billion US
356Core Mass Transit Tunnel Project (ARC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
357Dulles Corridor Metrorail ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
358Eagle P3 ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
359East Side Access Tunnel (NYC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
360Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Generating StaDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
361Gordie Howe Intl'l Bridge (Detroit, MI to Windsor, ONT)Design / ConstructionCAN2023$2 - $10 Billion US
362Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao BridgeDesign / ConstructionCHN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
363I-4 Ultimate (Orlanda FL Area Expansion)Design / ConstructionUSA2021$2 - $10 Billion US
364I-635 LBJ Express ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
365Intercounty Connector (ICC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
366Ivanpah Solar Energy Project,Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
367Jirau Hydroelectric PlantDesign / ConstructionBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
368KenGen 280MW Geothermal Power PlantDesign / ConstructionKEN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
369LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood ParkDesign / ConstructionUSA2020$2 - $10 Billion US
370LaGuardia Airport Terminal B ReplacementDesign / ConstructionUSA2022$2 - $10 Billion US
371LBJ-635 Express ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
372M25 WideningDesign / ConstructionGBR0000$2 - $10 Billion US
373Metro Line 52 Noord-Zuidlijn AmsterdamDesign / ConstructionNLD0000$2 - $10 Billion US
374Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, CADesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
375New Tappan Zee BridgeDesign / ConstructionUSA2019$2 - $10 Billion US
376North Tarrant Express (Dallas)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
377Panama Canal (Third Set of Locks)Design / ConstructionPAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
378Port Mann Bridge and Hwy 1 Upgrade ProjectDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
379Presidio Parkway P3 Golden Gate Br ApproachDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
380Restart of "Bruce A" Nuclear Generating StationDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
381Ruby Pipeline ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
382S. Alaskan Way (Seattle) Viaduct ReplacementDesign / ConstructionUSA2019$2 - $10 Billion US
383San Antonio Hydroelectric ProjectDesign / ConstructionBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
384San Diego (Blue Line) Mid-Coast Corridor Trolley ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
385Santo Antonio Hydroelectric PlantDesign / ConstructionBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
386Shepherds Flat Wind FarmDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
387SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV ProgramDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
388Texas SH 121Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
389Toronto-York Spadina Subway ExtensionDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
390Transbay Transit Center (San Francisco)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
391Van Cortlandt Park Filtration PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
392Victorian Desalination PlantDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$2 - $10 Billion US
393World Trade Center Transportation HubDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
394WTC Site InfrastructureDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
395241 Toll Extension, Foothill-South ExpansionDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
396A-30 (Calgary)Design / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
397Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment ProjectDesign / ConstructionMEX0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
398Blue Plains WWTP Upgrade ProjectsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
399Brightwater Sewage Plant & Tunnel (Seattle)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
400Calaveras Dam Replacement (WSIP)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
401Calgary NE Stoney Trail Ring RoadDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
402Cape (Cod) Wind Farm (Massachusetts)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
403Capital Beltway HOT Lanes ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
404Capital Beltway HOT Lanes ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
405Central Terminal and Concourse (Sacramento)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
406Croton Water Filtration PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
407Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) ConnectorDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
408DART Green Line Light Rail ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
409DBFM Liefkenshoek Railway LinkDesign / ConstructionBEL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
410Denver Int'l Airport Great Hall ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
411Denver Union StationDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
412Edmonton Anthony Henday Drive (NW)Design / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
413Edmonton Clinic North at Univ. of AlbertaDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
414Edmonton International Airport ExpansionDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
415Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
416Golden Ears Bridge, BC, CanadaDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
417Grand Parkway Segments H, I-1, and I-2Design / ConstructionUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
418Guggenheim Abu DhabiDesign / ConstructionARE0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
419Huey P Long Bridge WideningDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
420I-15 Core Project (Rehab Provo, Utah)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
421I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Phase 1 ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA2021$500 Million - $2 Billion US
422I-93 Reconstruction: Salem to ManchesterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
423Ilisu Dam, Tigris River TurkeyDesign / ConstructionTUR0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
424Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) New OrleansDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
425International Facilities Calgary AirportDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
426London Olympic StadiumDesign / ConstructionGBR0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
427McCook Reservoir Main Tunnel (Chicago)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
428Miami (FL) I-395/SR 83611/I-95 PPPDesign / ConstructionUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
429Miami Port Tunnel ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
430Mid-City (LA) Exposition Light Rail TransitDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
431Modernisation of Delhi International AirportDesign / ConstructionIND0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
432Natomas Levee Wall ImprovementsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
433New Bypass (Nova Marginal) São PauloDesign / ConstructionBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
434New Mississippi R Bridge Project (St. Louis)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
435New NATO Headquarters (Brussels)Design / ConstructionBEL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
436New Texas Rangers StadiumDesign / ConstructionUSA2021$500 Million - $2 Billion US
437Niagara Tunnel ProjectDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
438North-South Bypass TunnelDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
439Ohio River Bridges - East End CrossingDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
440PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
441Padma Bridge, BangladeshDesign / ConstructionBGD0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
442Peninsula Link ProjectDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
443Project Neon: I-15 North Highway ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA2019$500 Million - $2 Billion US
444Reconstruction of I-595 (FLA)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
445Replacement of Light Rail Streetcars in TorontoDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
446San Diego Airport Expansion ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
447Sanford Underground LabDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
448São Paulo Metro Line 4Design / ConstructionBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
449Scudders Falls Bridge Replacement ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
450Sea to Sky Highway Improvements, BCDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
451Seattle Hwy 99 Alaskan Way TunnelDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
452Sogamoso River Hydro Project (Colombia)Design / ConstructionCOL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
453Southern Gateway (I-35E US 67) DallasDesign / ConstructionUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
454The Triangle Expressway (NC)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
455US Embassy Expansion Kabul AfghanistanDesign / ConstructionAFG0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
456Utah Data Center, Fort WilliamsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
457West LRT Line CalgaryDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
458Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA2018$500 Million - $2 Billion US
459WTC Vehicular Security Center and Bus FacilityDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
460Alberta Schools I - CalgaryDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
461Alberta Schools I - EdmontonDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
462Alto Tietê Water ProjectDesign / ConstructionBRA0000$200 - $500 Million US
463Ararat PrisonDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
464Barry Plant (Mobile, Al) Carbon Capture Demo.Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
465Bay Tunnel (San Francisco) ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
466Black Canyon Freeway UpgradeDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
467Caldecott Improvement ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
468Defense Information Systems Agency HeadquartersDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
469Fort St. John Hospital and Residential CareDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
470Frederick Douglass (Replacement) Bridge, D.C.Design / ConstructionUSA2022$200 - $500 Million US
471Hudson Ranch Geothermal PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
472I-90 Innerbelt Bridge-EastboundDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
473Iowa National Guard Readiness Center ComplexDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
474Keenan II Wind Farm, OklahomaDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
475Kelowna and Vernon Hospitals ProjectDesign / ConstructionCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
476Kentucky WWTP and Sewer TunnelDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
477La Trobe University Biosciences Research CentreDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
478Louisville Arena (KY)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
479Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial BridgeDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
480Mountaineer (W. Va) CO2 Capture/Storage Demo.Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
481National September 11 Memorial & MuseumDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
482New Pensacola Bay Bridge (Florida)Design / ConstructionUSA2021$200 - $500 Million US
483North Side LRT PittsburghDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
484Northern Busway Windsor to Kendron, BrisbaneDesign / ConstructionAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
485Oakland Airport Connector (DB)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
486Oroville Dam Spillway Emergency RepairsDesign / ConstructionUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
487Portland Intntl Airport Office BuildingDesign / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
488Protection of Storm Pump Stations (New Orleans)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
489Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA2012$200 - $500 Million US
490Road MG-050Design / ConstructionBRA0000$200 - $500 Million US
491San Jose-Caldera RoadDesign / ConstructionCRI0000$200 - $500 Million US
492Saskatoon North Commuter Pkwy & Traff BridgeDesign / ConstructionCAN2019$200 - $500 Million US
493Summit Texas Clean Energy Project (Midland, TX)Design / ConstructionUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
494Tbilisi Railway Bypass ProjectDesign / ConstructionGEO0000$200 - $500 Million US
495Administration Facility at Andrews Air Force BaseDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
496Alberta Schools II-Edmonton/Calgary D-BDesign / ConstructionCAN0000< $200 Million US
497Allegheny River Bridge ReplacementDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
498Allen (TX) Hotel Convention Center At Watters CreekDesign / ConstructionUSA2018< $200 Million US
499Alliance A2 HooggelegenDesign / ConstructionNLD0000< $200 Million US
500BC Cancer Agency Centre for the NorthDesign / ConstructionCAN0000< $200 Million US
501Belfast Stormwater Storage and Pumping ProjectDesign / ConstructionGBR0000< $200 Million US
502Bi-County Water Tunnel (Maryland)Design / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
503Cal Park Tunnel RehabilitationDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
504Chenab River Rail BridgeDesign / ConstructionIND2019< $200 Million US
505Chippewa Falls WWTP Phase One ModificationsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
506City of Hermiston Recycled Water PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
507Colorado History CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
508Davie (FL) Water Wastewater ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
509East Providence Wastewater Treatment PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
510Glendale Groundwater Treatment PlantDesign / ConstructionUSA1999< $200 Million US
511Hays County (TX) Government CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
512Johns Pass BridgeDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
513Kittredge West Residence HallDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
514Milton-Madison Bridge (Kentucky-Indiana)Design / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
515Mountlake Terrace Freeway Bus StationDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
516Nat'l Renewable Energy Lab (Golden CO)Design / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
517Oakville (Ont.) Sewage Trmt. RehabDesign / ConstructionCAN0000< $200 Million US
518Patuxent Water Filtration Plant Phase II ExpDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
519Picton Wastewater Treatment PlantDesign / ConstructionCAN0000< $200 Million US
520Potomac Water Filtration Plant ImprovementsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
521Prince Rupert Port Expansion (Phase 2)Design / ConstructionCAN0000< $200 Million US
522Repair and Maintenance of Chain of Rocks CanalDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
523Ribeirão das Neves prison facilityDesign / ConstructionBRA0000< $200 Million US
524Ridgecrest (CA) Naval Technology CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
525Riegelsville/Pohatcong Bridge Engineering DesignDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
526Rodanthe (NC) BridgeDesign / ConstructionUSA2020< $200 Million US
527Sanitary Sewage System of Rio ClaroDesign / ConstructionBRA0000< $200 Million US
528Sanitary Sewage System of Rio das OstrasDesign / ConstructionBRA0000< $200 Million US
529Spokane Wastewater Treatment FacilityDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
530St. George Municipal AirportDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
531Tampa Regional Water Transmission MainsDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
532Tappan Zee Bridge, Deck ReplacementDesign / ConstructionUSA2010< $200 Million US
533TRADOC HQ (US Army Corps of Engineers)Design / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
534U.S. Embassy in SerbiaDesign / ConstructionSRB0000< $200 Million US
535UN Headquarters RenovationDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
536Wellsburg Bridge (between Brilliant, OH and Wellsburg, WV)Design / ConstructionUSA2021< $200 Million US
537Western Branch Facility UpgradeDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
538Western Branch WWTP Nutrient RemovalDesign / ConstructionUSA0000< $200 Million US
5392 World Trade Center (200 Greenwich)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
5403 World Trade Center (175 Greenwich)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
5414 World Trade Center (150 Greenwich)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
542A86 West Congestion Relief Tunnels (Paris)Design / ConstructionFRA2010N/A
543Birmingham New Hospitals ProjectDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
544Bradley Terminal Renovation (LAX)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
545Bradley West Terminal (LAX) AdditionDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
546Camp Pendleton Hospital ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
547Central Link Light Rail, Beacon Hill ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
548Central Subway ProjectDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
549City of Edinburgh Schools PPP1Design / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
550Conwy Schools ProjectDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
551Expansion of John Wayne Airport, Orange Cty, CADesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
552Forth Valley Acute HospitalDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
553Fulton Street Transit CenterDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
554Gateway Bridge II (Brisbane)Design / ConstructionAUS0000N/A
555Indiana Convention Center (Expansion)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
556Knowsley BSF (Building Schools for the Future)Design / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
557Leeds Independent Living ProjectDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
558Lehigh River and Pohopoco Creek BridgesDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
559M25 WideningDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
560M80 Stepps to HaggsDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
561Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (Dallas/Ft.Worth)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
562Mid Yorkshire HospitalsDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
563Milling and Resurfacing Roads, Bradenton, FLDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
564N. Sewerage Proj., Stages 1&2 (Melbourne)Design / ConstructionAUS0000N/A
565N11/N7 Arklow/Rathnew (Ireland)Design / ConstructionIRL0000N/A
566Navy Housing Facility Guantanamo BayDesign / ConstructionCUB0000N/A
567New Doha Airport Passenger Terminal ComplexDesign / ConstructionQAT0000N/A
568New Federal Courthouse (Austin, TX)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
569New Meadowlands StadiumDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
570Oakland Airport Connector (O&M)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
571Ohio River Bridges - Downtown CrossingDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
572Pembury Hospital RedevelopmentDesign / ConstructionGBR0000N/A
573Pontal Irrigation Project (Petrolina)Design / ConstructionBRA0000N/A
574Retractable Roof for BC PlaceDesign / ConstructionCAN0000N/A
575Romania Wind Farm(s) ProjectDesign / ConstructionROU0000N/A
576Rotterdam Centraal RR Station ReconstructionDesign / ConstructionNLD0000N/A
577Route 52 Causeway Cape May NJDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
578Southern Delivery System (Colo. Sprgs)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
579Southern Section of Ring Road (São Paulo)Design / ConstructionBRA0000N/A
580Texas SH 130 (S. Portion) ConcessionDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
581Trinity River Bridges (Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX)Design / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
582University Link Light RailDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
583Venice (CA) Dual Force MainDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
584Willamette River Combined Sewer OverflowDesign / ConstructionUSA0000N/A
585Alaska Gas PipelineProject Definition / ProgrammingCAN0000> $10 Billion US
586Alaska Gas PipelineProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000> $10 Billion US
587Brazil Bullet TrainProject Definition / ProgrammingBRA0000> $10 Billion US
588California High-Speed Rail ProjectProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000> $10 Billion US
589High Speed Train (TAV Brasil)Project Definition / ProgrammingBRA0000> $10 Billion US
590East Corridor FasTracks to Denver AirportProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
591Fort Irwin Solar Power PlantProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
592George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project (Vancouver, BC)Project Definition / ProgrammingCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
593Honolulu Rail Transit Phase IProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
594Nusantara TunnelProject Definition / ProgrammingIDN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
595Texas SH 121 (Cintra Award - Cancelled)Project Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
596DBFM A15 Maasvlakte-VaanpleinProject Definition / ProgrammingNLD0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
597New Terminal St. Petersburg Pulkovo AirportProject Definition / ProgrammingRUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
598Port of Miami Tunnel ProjectProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
599Road BR-116/324Project Definition / ProgrammingBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
600Santa Ana Viaduct Express SAVE (SR-57)Project Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
601São Paulo Light Rail (Metro Line -17)Project Definition / ProgrammingBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
602Taboada Wastewater Treatment PlantProject Definition / ProgrammingPER0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
603Indianapolis Deep Sewer TunnelProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
604Regiotram GroningenProject Definition / ProgrammingNLD0000$200 - $500 Million US
605Rutas del LoaProject Definition / ProgrammingCHL0000$200 - $500 Million US
606Alberta Schools II-Calgary/DBOMProject Definition / ProgrammingCAN0000< $200 Million US
607Alberta Schools II-Edmonton/DBOMProject Definition / ProgrammingCAN0000< $200 Million US
608Northwest FL Water Reclamation Facil HeadworksProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000< $200 Million US
609Ottumwa, Iowa Concrete BridgeProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000< $200 Million US
610Alligator Alley (2009 Asset Monetization RFP)Project Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000N/A
611California Corrections Health Care FacilityProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000N/A
612Columbia River Crossing ProjectProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000N/A
613Kazakhstan Chlor-Alkali Production FacilityProject Definition / ProgrammingKAZ0000N/A
614Monetization of Midway Airport (Chicago)Project Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000N/A
615Sarajevo Canton Water and Wastewater UpgradeProject Definition / ProgrammingBIH0000N/A
616Univ. of S. Carolina Campus Village ProjectProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA2025N/A
617US 36 Managed Lanes & BRT Project - Phase IIProject Definition / ProgrammingUSA0000N/A

* View the Project details to see if the cost is the hard cost or total cost.

PART B: Type of Projects

Check this box if you would like to view a list of a projects by type.

PART A: Type of Projects
# Project Name Status Country Year in Operation Cost *
1Alaska Gas PipelineNew FacilitiesCAN0000> $10 Billion US
2Alaska Gas PipelineNew FacilitiesUSA0000> $10 Billion US
3Baltic Sea Pipeline (Nord Stream)New FacilitiesDEU0000> $10 Billion US
4Baltic Sea Pipeline (Nord Stream)New FacilitiesRUS0000> $10 Billion US
5Brazil Bullet TrainNew FacilitiesBRA0000> $10 Billion US
6California High-Speed Rail ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000> $10 Billion US
7Central Artery /Tunnel (CA/T)New FacilitiesUSA1995> $10 Billion US
8Diamer Bhasha DamNew FacilitiesPAK0000> $10 Billion US
9High Speed Train (TAV Brasil)New FacilitiesBRA0000> $10 Billion US
10NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust)New FacilitiesGBR2005> $10 Billion US
11SEA-HSR Tours-Bordeaux (High-Speed-Rail) lineNew FacilitiesFRA2017> $10 Billion US
12Second Avenue Subway (NYC)New FacilitiesUSA0000> $10 Billion US
13Trans-Alaska Pipeline SystemNew FacilitiesUSA1977> $10 Billion US
141 World Trade Center (NYC)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
15A1 Gdansk to Nowe Tollway (Poland)New FacilitiesPOL2008$2 - $10 Billion US
16Airport LinkNew FacilitiesAUS0000$2 - $10 Billion US
17Alta Wind Energy CenterNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
18Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline - Phase 1 and 2New FacilitiesBOL2000$2 - $10 Billion US
19Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline - Phase 1 and 2New FacilitiesBRA2000$2 - $10 Billion US
20Canada Line, Vancouver, BCNew FacilitiesCAN2009$2 - $10 Billion US
21Central Subway Project (San Francisco)New FacilitiesUSA2020$2 - $10 Billion US
22CityLinkNew FacilitiesAUS1999$2 - $10 Billion US
23Core Mass Transit Tunnel Project (ARC)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
24Dulles Corridor Metrorail ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
25Eagle P3 ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
26East Corridor FasTracks to Denver AirportNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
27East Side Access Tunnel (NYC)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
28Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Generating StaNew FacilitiesCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
29Fort Irwin Solar Power PlantNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
30George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project (Vancouver, BC)New FacilitiesCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
31Gordie Howe Intl'l Bridge (Detroit, MI to Windsor, ONT)New FacilitiesCAN2023$2 - $10 Billion US
32Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao BridgeNew FacilitiesCHN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
33Honolulu Rail Transit Phase INew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
34Intercounty Connector (ICC)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
35Ivanpah Solar Energy Project,New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
36Jirau Hydroelectric PlantNew FacilitiesBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
37KenGen 280MW Geothermal Power PlantNew FacilitiesKEN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
38LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood ParkNew FacilitiesUSA2020$2 - $10 Billion US
39LaGuardia Airport Terminal B ReplacementNew FacilitiesUSA2022$2 - $10 Billion US
40Manitowoc Submerged Microfiltration PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2007$2 - $10 Billion US
41Metro Line 52 Noord-Zuidlijn AmsterdamNew FacilitiesNLD0000$2 - $10 Billion US
42Millau Viaduct (Le Viaduc de Millau)New FacilitiesFRA2004$2 - $10 Billion US
43MWRA CSO Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA1995$2 - $10 Billion US
44Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, CANew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
45New Tappan Zee BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA2019$2 - $10 Billion US
46North Tarrant Express (Dallas)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
47Nusantara TunnelNew FacilitiesIDN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
48Panama Canal (Third Set of Locks)New FacilitiesPAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
49Port Mann Bridge and Hwy 1 Upgrade ProjectNew FacilitiesCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
50Ruby Pipeline ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
51S. Alaskan Way (Seattle) Viaduct ReplacementNew FacilitiesUSA2019$2 - $10 Billion US
52San Antonio Hydroelectric ProjectNew FacilitiesBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
53San Diego (Blue Line) Mid-Coast Corridor Trolley ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
54Santo Antonio Hydroelectric PlantNew FacilitiesBRA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
55Shepherds Flat Wind FarmNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
56Texas SH 121New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
57Texas SH 121 (Cintra Award - Cancelled)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
58Texas SH 130, Loop 1, Tex 45NNew FacilitiesUSA2008$2 - $10 Billion US
59Toronto-York Spadina Subway ExtensionNew FacilitiesCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
60Transbay Transit Center (San Francisco)New FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
61Victorian Desalination PlantNew FacilitiesAUS0000$2 - $10 Billion US
62Western Corridor Recycled Water ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS2008$2 - $10 Billion US
63World Trade Center Transportation HubNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
64WTC Site InfrastructureNew FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
65241 Toll Extension, Foothill-South ExpansionNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
66Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer CenterNew FacilitiesCAN2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
67Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement ProjectNew FacilitiesCAN2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
68Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment ProjectNew FacilitiesMEX0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
69Brightwater Sewage Plant & Tunnel (Seattle)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
70Calgary NE Stoney Trail Ring RoadNew FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
71Cape (Cod) Wind Farm (Massachusetts)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
72Capital Beltway HOT Lanes ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
73Central Terminal and Concourse (Sacramento)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
74Confederation Bridge (Northumberland Strait)New FacilitiesCAN1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
75Cross City Tunnel (Sydney)New FacilitiesAUS2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
76Croton Water Filtration PlantNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
77DART Green Line Light Rail ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
78DBFM Liefkenshoek Railway LinkNew FacilitiesBEL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
79Detroit Little Caesars Arena (Red Wings and Pistons)New FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
80EastLinkNew FacilitiesAUS2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
81Edmonton Anthony Henday Drive (NW)New FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
82Edmonton Clinic North at Univ. of AlbertaNew FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
83El Paso (TX) Inland Desal PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
84Eurasia TunnelNew FacilitiesTUR2016$500 Million - $2 Billion US
85Gold Coast Desalination ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
86Golden Ears Bridge, BC, CanadaNew FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
87Grand Parkway Segments H, I-1, and I-2New FacilitiesUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
88Guggenheim Abu DhabiNew FacilitiesARE0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
89Highway 407 ETR (Round 1 - Road)New FacilitiesCAN1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
90Hong Kong Eastern Harbour CrossingNew FacilitiesHKG1989$500 Million - $2 Billion US
91Hong Kong Western Harbour CrossingNew FacilitiesHKG1997$500 Million - $2 Billion US
92Hudson Bergen Light Rail ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
93I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Phase 1 ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2021$500 Million - $2 Billion US
94Ilisu Dam, Tigris River TurkeyNew FacilitiesTUR0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
95Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) New OrleansNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
96Lane Cove TunnelNew FacilitiesAUS2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
97Lewis and Clark Bridge (East End Crossing) Louisville KYNew FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
98London Olympic StadiumNew FacilitiesGBR0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
99McCook Reservoir Main Tunnel (Chicago)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
100Melbourne City LinkNew FacilitiesAUS2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
101Mercedes-Benz StadiumNew FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
102Miami Port Tunnel ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
103Mid-City (LA) Exposition Light Rail TransitNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
104Nam Theun 2 Multi-Purpose ProjectNew FacilitiesLAO2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
105Natomas Levee Wall ImprovementsNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
106New Cooper River Bridge, SCNew FacilitiesUSA2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
107New MetroRail (NMR) ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
108New Mississippi R Bridge Project (St. Louis)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
109New NATO Headquarters (Brussels)New FacilitiesBEL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
110New Tacoma Narrows (East Bound) BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
111New Terminal St. Petersburg Pulkovo AirportNew FacilitiesRUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
112New Texas Rangers StadiumNew FacilitiesUSA2021$500 Million - $2 Billion US
113New York Yankee StadiumNew FacilitiesUSA2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
114Niagara Tunnel ProjectNew FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
115North-South Bypass TunnelNew FacilitiesAUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
116Ohio River Bridges - East End CrossingNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
117PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
118Padma Bridge, BangladeshNew FacilitiesBGD0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
119Peninsula Link ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
120Port of Miami Tunnel ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
121Queensferry Crossing (Firth of Forth) ScotlandNew FacilitiesGBR2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
122Reconstruction of I-595 (FLA)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
123Replacement Kosciuszko Bridge Phase 1New FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
124Road BR-116/324New FacilitiesBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
125Sanford Underground LabNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
126Santa Ana Viaduct Express SAVE (SR-57)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
127São Paulo Light Rail (Metro Line -17)New FacilitiesBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
128São Paulo Metro Line 4New FacilitiesBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
129Scudders Falls Bridge Replacement ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
130Seattle Hwy 99 Alaskan Way TunnelNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
131Sogamoso River Hydro Project (Colombia)New FacilitiesCOL0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
132South Terminal and Satellite Barcelona AirportNew FacilitiesESP2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
133SR-125: THE SOUTH BAY EXPRESSWAYNew FacilitiesUSA2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
134State Route 73/San Joaquin Hills Toll RoadNew FacilitiesUSA1996$500 Million - $2 Billion US
135Suburban Train System 1 (Mexico City)New FacilitiesMEX2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
136SunTrustParkNew FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
137Sydney Harbor TunnelNew FacilitiesAUS1992$500 Million - $2 Billion US
138Taboada Wastewater Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesPER0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
139The Partnerships Victoria in Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
140The Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX)New FacilitiesUSA2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
141The Triangle Expressway (NC)New FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
142Trans-Canada Hwy 4-lane Upgrade (NB)New FacilitiesCAN2007$500 Million - $2 Billion US
143Twins Stadium Minneapolis (Target Field)New FacilitiesUSA2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
144Utah Data Center, Fort WilliamsNew FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
145Washington Nationals Baseball ParkNew FacilitiesUSA2008$500 Million - $2 Billion US
146West LRT Line CalgaryNew FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
147Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports CenterNew FacilitiesUSA2018$500 Million - $2 Billion US
148Alberta Schools I - CalgaryNew FacilitiesCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
149Alberta Schools I - EdmontonNew FacilitiesCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
150Ararat PrisonNew FacilitiesAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
151Arrowhead Tunnels Southern CANew FacilitiesUSA2009$200 - $500 Million US
152Astana (Kazakhstan) Airport RenovationNew FacilitiesKAZ2005$200 - $500 Million US
153Bay Tunnel (San Francisco) ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
154Black Canyon Freeway UpgradeNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
155Caldecott Improvement ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
156Defense Information Systems Agency HeadquartersNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
157Docklands Light Railway Extension to WoolwichNew FacilitiesGBR2009$200 - $500 Million US
158Dulles Greenway (Dulles Toll Road Extension)New FacilitiesUSA1995$200 - $500 Million US
159Edmonton Anthony Henday Drive (SE)New FacilitiesCAN2007$200 - $500 Million US
160Energy Transmission Line Norte-Sul IINew FacilitiesBRA2004$200 - $500 Million US
161Fort St. John Hospital and Residential CareNew FacilitiesCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
162Fountain Creek Recovery ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
163Fountain Valley Groundwater Replenishment SystemNew FacilitiesUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
164Frederick Douglass (Replacement) Bridge, D.C.New FacilitiesUSA2022$200 - $500 Million US
165Groundwater Replenishment SystemNew FacilitiesUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
166Hong Kong Chemical Waste Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesCHN1993$200 - $500 Million US
167Hong Kong Chemical Waste Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesHKG1993$200 - $500 Million US
168Hudson Ranch Geothermal PlantNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
169I-35W St. Anthony Falls BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
170Indianapolis Deep Sewer TunnelNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
171Iowa National Guard Readiness Center ComplexNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
172Island East Waste Transfer StationNew FacilitiesHKG1992$200 - $500 Million US
173Island East Waste Transfer StationNew FacilitiesCHN1992$200 - $500 Million US
174Keenan II Wind Farm, OklahomaNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
175Kentucky WWTP and Sewer TunnelNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
176Kibby Wind ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
177Kowloon Bay Waste Transfer StationNew FacilitiesHKG1990$200 - $500 Million US
178Kowloon Bay Waste Transfer StationNew FacilitiesCHN1990$200 - $500 Million US
179La Trobe University Biosciences Research CentreNew FacilitiesAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
180Lake Pleasant Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
181Louisville Arena (KY)New FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
182Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
183National September 11 Memorial & MuseumNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
184New Bronx Criminal Court ComplexNew FacilitiesUSA2006$200 - $500 Million US
185New Pensacola Bay Bridge (Florida)New FacilitiesUSA2021$200 - $500 Million US
186North East New Territories Landfill (NENT)New FacilitiesCHN1995$200 - $500 Million US
187North East New Territories Landfill (NENT)New FacilitiesHKG1995$200 - $500 Million US
188North Side LRT PittsburghNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
189Northern Busway Windsor to Kendron, BrisbaneNew FacilitiesAUS0000$200 - $500 Million US
190Oakland Airport Connector (DB)New FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
191Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment CenterNew FacilitiesCAN2008$200 - $500 Million US
192Pocahontas Pkwy, VA (Round 1 - 63-20 Corp)New FacilitiesUSA2002$200 - $500 Million US
193Portland Intntl Airport Office BuildingNew FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
194Protection of Storm Pump Stations (New Orleans)New FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
195Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial CenterNew FacilitiesUSA2012$200 - $500 Million US
196Redevelopment Terminal A at Boston Logan AirportNew FacilitiesUSA2005$200 - $500 Million US
197Regiotram GroningenNew FacilitiesNLD0000$200 - $500 Million US
198Replacement Biloxi Bay Bridge (MS)New FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
199Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care CenterNew FacilitiesCAN2010$200 - $500 Million US
200Skinner Water Treatment Plant Oxidation RetrofitNew FacilitiesUSA2009$200 - $500 Million US
201South East New Territories Landfill (SENT)New FacilitiesCHN1994$200 - $500 Million US
202South East New Territories Landfill (SENT)New FacilitiesHKG1994$200 - $500 Million US
203Summit Texas Clean Energy Project (Midland, TX)New FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
204SuperaqueductoNew FacilitiesPRI1999$200 - $500 Million US
205Suramadu Toll BridgeNew FacilitiesIDN2009$200 - $500 Million US
206Tate's Cairn Tunnel, KowloonNew FacilitiesHKG1991$200 - $500 Million US
207Tbilisi Railway Bypass ProjectNew FacilitiesGEO0000$200 - $500 Million US
208Ting Kau BridgeNew FacilitiesHKG1998$200 - $500 Million US
209US Census Bureau HeadquartersNew FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
210US Southern Command HQ (Florida)New FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
211West New Territories Landfill (WENT)New FacilitiesCHN1993$200 - $500 Million US
212West New Territories Landfill (WENT)New FacilitiesHKG1993$200 - $500 Million US
213(NYC) Install sewer and storm drainsNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
21414/32 Commuter Aircraft Runway Boston LoganNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
215A249 Stockbury to SheernessNew FacilitiesGBR2006< $200 Million US
216A249 Stockbury to SheernessNew FacilitiesGBR2006< $200 Million US
217Addition to Defense Intelligence Analysis CenterNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
218Administration Facility at Andrews Air Force BaseNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
219Alberta Schools II-Calgary/DBOMNew FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
220Alberta Schools II-Edmonton/Calgary D-BNew FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
221Alberta Schools II-Edmonton/DBOMNew FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
222Allegheny River Bridge ReplacementNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
223Allen (TX) Hotel Convention Center At Watters CreekNew FacilitiesUSA2018< $200 Million US
224ANZAC Bridge (Sydney)New FacilitiesAUS1995< $200 Million US
225ASU (Phoenix) Nursing Health Renov. IINew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
226Barwon Water Biosolids ProjectNew FacilitiesAUS2009< $200 Million US
227BC Cancer Agency Centre for the NorthNew FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
228Belfast Stormwater Storage and Pumping ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR0000< $200 Million US
229Bennet Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
230Bethelview Rd (GA) Advanced Water Recl. FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
231Bi-County Water Tunnel (Maryland)New FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
232Blackstone (CO) Zone 8 Pump StationNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
233Britannia Mine Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesCAN2006< $200 Million US
234Bronx Museum of Art Expansion/RenovNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
235Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesAUS2007< $200 Million US
236Canby Utility 13th Avenue Reservoir ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
237Chain of Rocks Canal, Locks, and Dam 27New FacilitiesUSA1953< $200 Million US
238Charles Jago Northern Sport CentreNew FacilitiesCAN2007< $200 Million US
239Chenab River Rail BridgeNew FacilitiesIND2019< $200 Million US
240Clovis Water Reuse FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
241Colorado History CenterNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
242Corvallis WWTP Disinfection FacilitiesNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
243Davie (FL) Water Wastewater ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
244Durham (ORE) Phase 4 WWTP ExpansionNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
245Fairmont and Garvin (Illinois) WTPNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
246First New York City SubwayNew FacilitiesUSA1902< $200 Million US
247Fond Du Lac Wastewater Treatment Plant RebuildNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
248Fort Carson (CO) 1st Brigade HQNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
249Fowler Water Reclamation FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2004< $200 Million US
250Ft. Benning GA Wastewater Interconn. Pump Sta.New FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
251Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care CenterNew FacilitiesCAN2006< $200 Million US
252Gresham OR 30 inch Transmission PipelineNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
253Gwinnett Ballpark StadiumNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
254Hangar 511 Jacksonville NASNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
255Hanover NH WW Membrane Filtration FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
256Hays County (TX) Government CenterNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
257Hong Kong Cross Harbor TunnelNew FacilitiesHKG1972< $200 Million US
258Idaho National Guard Live Fire Shoot HouseNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
259Johns Creek Environmental CampusNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
260Kap Shui Mun Bridge Long Term O&MNew FacilitiesHKG1997< $200 Million US
261Kap Shui Mun Bridge Long Term O&MNew FacilitiesCHN1997< $200 Million US
262Kicking Horse Canyon (B.C.) Phase 2New FacilitiesCAN2008< $200 Million US
263Kingsbridge Branch of NY Public LibrariersNew FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
264Kwai Chung Container Terminals 1 to 9New FacilitiesHKG1994< $200 Million US
265LA Municipal Courts Airport CourthouseNew FacilitiesUSA1999< $200 Million US
266Leeville Toll Bridge over Bayou LafourcheNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
267Liberty Fairfield Ohio Water Booster Pump Sta.New FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
268Maryland SR 30 Hamstead BypassNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
269Milddleton Wisconsin Water Utility Well #8New FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
270Mooresville Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
271Mountlake Terrace Freeway Bus StationNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
272NASA Bldg 20, Johnson Space CenterNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
273Nat'l Renewable Energy Lab (Golden CO)New FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
274National Security Sciences BuildingNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
275Nelson Flanders WTP and PipelinesNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
276Nelson-Flanders Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
277New Rescue Company 3, BronxNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
278New West Garage at Boston Logan AirportNew FacilitiesUSA1999< $200 Million US
279Norumbega (MA) Covered Storage Design BuildNew FacilitiesUSA2003< $200 Million US
280NY Aquarium Medical FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
281NYC Family Intake Center for HomelessNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
282Ottumwa, Iowa Concrete BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
283P285 (Norfolk VA) Damage Control TrainerNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
284Pala Reservation Wastewater Trmt PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
285Picton Wastewater Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
286Portland (ORE) MAX I-205 LRT ExtensionNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
287Prince Rupert Port Expansion (Phase 2)New FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
288Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (Dartford Crossing)New FacilitiesGBR1991< $200 Million US
289Queen's Theater in the Park, AdditionNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
290Queens Botanical Garden Admin BldgsNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
291Racine Submerged Membrane Filtration ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
292Rail Runner Express, New MexicoNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
293Rehab 9th Precinct PoliceNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
294Replacement Training Pool, Newport Naval StationNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
295Ribeirão das Neves prison facilityNew FacilitiesBRA0000< $200 Million US
296Richmond (BC) Olympic OvalNew FacilitiesCAN2008< $200 Million US
297Ridgecrest (CA) Naval Technology CenterNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
298Rodanthe (NC) BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA2020< $200 Million US
299Rose M. Singer Center AdditionNew FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
300Santa Paula Water Recycling FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
301Santan Vista Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
302Somerville Bike-ifyNew FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
303Sonoma (CA) Valley County Tertiary TreatmentNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
304Spokane Wastewater Treatment FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
305Springfield-Branson (MO) Airport TerminalNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
306SR 91 Express LanesNew FacilitiesUSA1996< $200 Million US
307St. George Municipal AirportNew FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
308Station Avenue Wastewater UpgradesNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
309Sunrise Yard (NY DOT)New FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
310T.C. WIlliam High School (Alexandria, VA)New FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
311Terminal B South Addition Boston Logan AirportNew FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
312Tolt River Water ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA1998< $200 Million US
313TRADOC HQ (US Army Corps of Engineers)New FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
314Tsing Ma Bridge Long Term O&MNew FacilitiesHKG1997< $200 Million US
315Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
316U.S. Embassy in SerbiaNew FacilitiesSRB0000< $200 Million US
317UAB Women & Infants CenterNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
318UC Irvine Humanities Gateway BldgNew FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
319US 17 Washington (NC) BypassNew FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
320US Embassy Khartoum, SudanNew FacilitiesSDN2010< $200 Million US
321Village of Fontana Main Lift Pumping StationNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
322Walter Cronkite School of JournalismNew FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
323Wellsburg Bridge (between Brilliant, OH and Wellsburg, WV)New FacilitiesUSA2021< $200 Million US
324Wilson AZ WTP Hi-Service Pump Station 1BNew FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
325Winter Park FL Swoope Water PlantNew FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
3262 World Trade Center (200 Greenwich)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
3273 World Trade Center (175 Greenwich)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
3284 World Trade Center (150 Greenwich)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
329407 ETR (ETC/AVI Road)New FacilitiesCAN1997N/A
330A1 Darrington to DishforthNew FacilitiesGBR2003N/A
331A86 West Congestion Relief Tunnels (Paris)New FacilitiesFRA2010N/A
332Addenbrooke's Elective Care CenterNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
333Adelaide Int'l Airport TerminalNew FacilitiesAUS2005N/A
334Barking and Dagenham Two Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
335Beijing South Railway StationNew FacilitiesCHN2008N/A
336Benazir Bhutto (New) Islamabad Int'l AirportNew FacilitiesPAK2010N/A
337Birmingham New Hospitals ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
338Birmingham Northern Relief Road (M6 Toll)New FacilitiesGBR2003N/A
339Bristol Group Schools Project (Phase 1A)New FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
340California Corrections Health Care FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
341Camp Pendleton Hospital ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
342Central Link Light Rail, Beacon Hill ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
343City of Edinburgh Schools PPP1New FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
344Conwy Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
345Cornwall Integrated Waste Management ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2006N/A
346Croton Water Tunnels (Additions)New FacilitiesUSA2011N/A
347Darlington Five Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
348Devil's Slide Tunnel (Montara CA)New FacilitiesUSA2013N/A
349Exeter Group Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
350Forth Valley Acute HospitalNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
351Fulton Street Transit CenterNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
352Galena Creek Bridge (Reno, Nevada)New FacilitiesUSA2011N/A
353Gateway Bridge I (Brisbane)New FacilitiesAUS1986N/A
354Gateway Bridge II (Brisbane)New FacilitiesAUS0000N/A
355Golden Gate BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA1937N/A
356Hadley Learning Centre and Jigsaw ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
357Harlow Housing Maintenance/Street Scene ServicesNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
358Highland SewageNew FacilitiesGBR2000N/A
359HMP Altcourse (Fazakerley)New FacilitiesGBR1997N/A
360HMP ParcNew FacilitiesGBR1997N/A
361HMP PeterboroughNew FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
362Indiana Convention Center (Expansion)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
363Kazakhstan Chlor-Alkali Production FacilityNew FacilitiesKAZ0000N/A
364Knowsley BSF (Building Schools for the Future)New FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
365Lake Champlain BridgeNew FacilitiesUSA2011N/A
366Leeds Combined Secondary Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2006N/A
367Leeds Independent Living ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
368Lehigh River and Pohopoco Creek BridgesNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
369Lucas Oil Stadium Project (Indianapolis)New FacilitiesUSA2008N/A
370M1-A1 Link RoadNew FacilitiesGBR1999N/A
371M80 Stepps to HaggsNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
372Manchester Metrolink Ext. 1New FacilitiesGBR2000N/A
373Manchester Waste Treatment/Disposal ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
374Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (Dallas/Ft.Worth)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
375Metro BilbaoNew FacilitiesESP1995N/A
376Mid Yorkshire HospitalsNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
377N. Sewerage Proj., Stages 1&2 (Melbourne)New FacilitiesAUS0000N/A
378Navy Housing Facility Guantanamo BayNew FacilitiesCUB0000N/A
379NESWCNew FacilitiesUSA1985N/A
380New Doha Airport Passenger Terminal ComplexNew FacilitiesQAT0000N/A
381New Federal Courthouse (Austin, TX)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
382New Meadowlands StadiumNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
383Newcastle and North Tyneside LIFTNew FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
384North Nottingham LIFTNew FacilitiesGBR2006N/A
385Northamptonshire Group Schools Project 2New FacilitiesGBR2009N/A
386Northumberland Waste Management ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
387Norwich Area Grouped Schools ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2008N/A
388Nottinghamshire Waste Management ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2006N/A
389Oakland Airport Connector (O&M)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
390Pembury Hospital RedevelopmentNew FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
391Pontal Irrigation Project (Petrolina)New FacilitiesBRA0000N/A
392Romania Wind Farm(s) ProjectNew FacilitiesROU0000N/A
393Route 52 Causeway Cape May NJNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
394Santa Paula Water Treatment FacilityNew FacilitiesUSA2010N/A
395Second Severn CrossingNew FacilitiesGBR1996N/A
396Shropshire Integrated Waste Management ProjectNew FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
397Sondika Airport Bilbao ExpansionNew FacilitiesESP2000N/A
398Southern Delivery System (Colo. Sprgs)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
399Southern Section of Ring Road (São Paulo)New FacilitiesBRA0000N/A
400Sutong Bridge (Shanghai)New FacilitiesCHN2008N/A
401Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)New FacilitiesTWN2007N/A
402Texas SH 130 (S. Portion) ConcessionNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
403Trinity River Bridges (Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX)New FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
404Tsing Ma Bridge Initial DeliveryNew FacilitiesHKG1997N/A
405Twin Spans I-10 (New Orleans)New FacilitiesUSA2010N/A
406Univ. of S. Carolina Campus Village ProjectNew FacilitiesUSA2025N/A
407University Link Light RailNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
408Venice (CA) Dual Force MainNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
409Veteran Affairs Cancer Research Center PortlandNew FacilitiesUSA2009N/A
410Willamette River Combined Sewer OverflowNew FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
411Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research BldgNew FacilitiesUSA2010N/A
412Highway 407 ETR (Road - Round 2)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesCAN1999$2 - $10 Billion US
413Jeddah Islamic Port (Privatization Program)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesSAU2000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
414Pocahontas Pkwy, VA (Round 2 - 99 yr concession)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
415Oroville Dam Spillway Emergency RepairsRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
416Rutas del LoaRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesCHL0000$200 - $500 Million US
417Bridges Juvenile CenterRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
418Chelsea MA (USA) Grass CuttingRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
419Chelsea, MA (US) Water/Sewer/Drain O&MRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2002< $200 Million US
420Chelsea, MA (USA) Public Vehicles O&MRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA1992< $200 Million US
421Chelsea, MA (USA) Street Sweeping O&MRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2004< $200 Million US
422El Museo Del Barrio UpgradeRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
423Emergency I-85 (Atlanta) Collapsed Bridge ReplacementRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2017< $200 Million US
424Evanston Water, Sewer & St. Improv.Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
425Fairplay (CO) WWTPRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
426Georgia Dome Coating ProjectRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
427Gresham, Oregon WWTP Asset ManagementRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
428Kittredge West Residence HallRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
429Lion Rock Tunnel Operations & MaintenanceRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesHKG1993< $200 Million US
430Park Slope Armory Revitalization Proj.Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
431Renovation of NYC Police Operations CenterRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
432Sierra Yoyo Desan Resource RoadRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesCAN2005< $200 Million US
433Tampa Regional Water Transmission MainsRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
434Tappan Zee Bridge, Deck ReplacementRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
435Village of Port Edwards WWT FacilityRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
436Alligator Alley (2009 Asset Monetization RFP)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
437Chicago Skyway (2004 Asset Monetization)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA1958N/A
438Everrett I-5 HOVRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009N/A
439Indiana Toll Road (2006 Asset Monetization)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA1956N/A
440Isle of Wight Integrated Waste ManagementRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesGBR1997N/A
441Milling and Resurfacing Roads, Bradenton, FLRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
442Monetization of Midway Airport (Chicago)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
443NAS Pensacola Historic Mitigation and LandscapingRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009N/A
444NYC Mayor's HPD Housing OfficeRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006N/A
445O&M Contract for MBTA Commuter RailRepositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA2003N/A
446Repainting Brooklyn Bridge (NYC)Repositioning of Existing FacilitiesUSA1883N/A
447Colchester GarrisonSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2008$2 - $10 Billion US
448I-4 Ultimate (Orlanda FL Area Expansion)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2021$2 - $10 Billion US
449I-635 LBJ Express ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
450LBJ-635 Express ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
451Luis Muñoz Marin International AirportSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesPRI2012$2 - $10 Billion US
452M25 WideningSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR0000$2 - $10 Billion US
453Presidio Parkway P3 Golden Gate Br ApproachSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
454Restart of "Bruce A" Nuclear Generating StationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$2 - $10 Billion US
455SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV ProgramSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
456Van Cortlandt Park Filtration PlantSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$2 - $10 Billion US
457A-30 (Calgary)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
458Aero Train Stations/Tunnels (Dulles Int'l Airport)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010$500 Million - $2 Billion US
459Bayonne Bridge Navigational Clearance ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2017$500 Million - $2 Billion US
460Blue Plains WWTP Upgrade ProjectsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
461Calaveras Dam Replacement (WSIP)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
462Capital Beltway HOT Lanes ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
463Cooper River Bridge ReplacementSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005$500 Million - $2 Billion US
464Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) ConnectorSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
465DBFM A15 Maasvlakte-VaanpleinSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesNLD0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
466Denver Int'l Airport Great Hall ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
467Denver Union StationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
468Edmonton International Airport ExpansionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
469Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
470Huey P Long Bridge WideningSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
471I-15 Core Project (Rehab Provo, Utah)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
472I-15 Corridor Reconstruction Project - UtahSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2001$500 Million - $2 Billion US
473I-93 Reconstruction: Salem to ManchesterSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
474International Facilities Calgary AirportSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
475JFK International Arrivals Building (IAB)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2001$500 Million - $2 Billion US
476Miami (FL) I-395/SR 83611/I-95 PPPSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
477Modernisation of Delhi International AirportSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesIND0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
478New Bypass (Nova Marginal) São PauloSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBRA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
479Oldham Sheltered HousingSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2006$500 Million - $2 Billion US
480Port of Baltimore Marine Terminal UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1990$500 Million - $2 Billion US
481Project Neon: I-15 North Highway ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2019$500 Million - $2 Billion US
482Replacement of Light Rail Streetcars in TorontoSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
483Royal Children's HospitalSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesAUS2011$500 Million - $2 Billion US
484San Diego Airport Expansion ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
485Sea to Sky Highway Improvements, BCSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
486Southern Gateway (I-35E US 67) DallasSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2022$500 Million - $2 Billion US
487US Embassy Expansion Kabul AfghanistanSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesAFG0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
488Vancouver Convention Center ExpansionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN2009$500 Million - $2 Billion US
489WTC Vehicular Security Center and Bus FacilitySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$500 Million - $2 Billion US
490Aero Train Vehicles/System (Dulles Intl' Airport)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
491Alto Tietê Water ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBRA0000$200 - $500 Million US
492Bakersfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion 3Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
493Barry Plant (Mobile, Al) Carbon Capture Demo.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
494Brazoria County Expressway (TX Hwy 288)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
495Central Garage at Boston Logan AirportSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
496Cranston Wastewater Treatment UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1997$200 - $500 Million US
497Deep Tube Lines-Bakerloo, Central, VictoriaSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2003$200 - $500 Million US
498Expansion of I-15 (Nevada)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
499I-5 Everett (WA) HOV Addition Snohomish CtySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008$200 - $500 Million US
500I-90 Innerbelt Bridge-EastboundSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
501Interstate 80-90 PUSH Project (Indiana, USA)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2017$200 - $500 Million US
502iROX I-75 Road Expansion ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010$200 - $500 Million US
503kcICON (Kansas City Interstate Connector)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011$200 - $500 Million US
504Kelowna and Vernon Hospitals ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000$200 - $500 Million US
505Mountaineer (W. Va) CO2 Capture/Storage Demo.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000$200 - $500 Million US
506Northwest ParkwaySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2003$200 - $500 Million US
507Pitt River Bridge & Mary Hill InterchangeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN2009$200 - $500 Million US
508Road MG-050Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBRA0000$200 - $500 Million US
509Rochester Highway 52Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005$200 - $500 Million US
510San Jose-Caldera RoadSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCRI0000$200 - $500 Million US
511Saskatoon North Commuter Pkwy & Traff BridgeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN2019$200 - $500 Million US
512Southern Cross StationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesAUS2006$200 - $500 Million US
513Terminal E Modernization Boston Logan AirportSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007$200 - $500 Million US
514VIHA Residential and Assisted Care Init.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN2008$200 - $500 Million US
5151-95 Widening Project, FloridaSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
51686th St Reconstruction, Shore Rd to Gatling PlSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
517ADH Gatehouse (Harlem Stage)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
518Alliance A2 HooggelegenSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesNLD0000< $200 Million US
519Blue Ridge Reservoir UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2004< $200 Million US
520Brooklyn Childrens Museum ExpansionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
521Cal Park Tunnel RehabilitationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
522Central Library Branch RenovationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
523Chelsea, MA (USA) Pavement Markings O&MSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2004< $200 Million US
524Chippewa Falls WWTP Phase One ModificationsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
525City Island Ave Road ImprovementsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
526City of Hermiston Recycled Water PlantSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
527City of Las Vegas Lone Mountain Lift StationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
528City of Milwaukee Ozonation FacilitiesSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1998< $200 Million US
529Crescent Street Road, Water, Sewer ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
530East Providence Wastewater Treatment PlantSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
531East Providence Wastewater Trmt Upgrade, O&MSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
532Edgewood Road ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
533Frederick Douglass Circle ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
534Glendale Groundwater Treatment PlantSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1999< $200 Million US
535Glenn Parks Interchange ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2004< $200 Million US
536Havemeyer Ave ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
537Haworth (NJ) Water Treatment UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
538Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant, GeorgiaSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
539Houston St (NYC) Roadway ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
540I-25 and Alameda Avenue InterchangeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2012< $200 Million US
541I-80 Widening Salt Lake City, UtahSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
542Indianapolis Wastewater Treatment WorksSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1994< $200 Million US
543Jamaica Performing Arts CenterSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
544Johns Pass BridgeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
545Kansas River Facility Supply and Treatment Imp.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
546Kent Ave/Franklin St/Commercial St Reconstr.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
547McCarrons MN Granular Activated Carbon Filter ProjSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
548Merrimack (NH) Phase I WWTP UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
549Metropolitan (St Paul MN) WWTP Incineration SystemSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
550Milton-Madison Bridge (Kentucky-Indiana)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
551Milwaukee SCADA UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2003< $200 Million US
552Morris Forman Wastewater Trmt PlanSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1958< $200 Million US
553North Davis (UT) Sewer District Plant ExpansionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
554Northwest FL Water Reclamation Facil HeadworksSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
555NYC Reconstruction (Portions) Flushing AveSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
556NYC Rehabilitation of 99th and 110th AvenueSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
557Oakville (Ont.) Sewage Trmt. RehabSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000< $200 Million US
558Patuxent Water Filtration Plant Phase II ExpSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
559Potomac Water Filtration Plant ImprovementsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
560Reconstruct 54th Ave (NYC)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
561Reconstruction (Portions) of Paulding Ave. (NYC)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
562Reconstruction of Beekman StSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
563Reconstruction of Bronx Zoo Lion HouseSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2008< $200 Million US
564Reconstruction of Harrison St (NYC)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
565Reconstruction of Liberty Street (NYC)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
566Renovation of NYC Central Park Police PrecinctSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
567Repair and Maintenance of Chain of Rocks CanalSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
568Replacement Of Watermain In 4th AvenueSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
569Reptile Wing Staten Island ZooSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
570Riegelsville/Pohatcong Bridge Engineering DesignSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
571Salt Lake Secondary Sedimentation ExpansionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
572Sanitary Sewage System of Rio ClaroSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBRA0000< $200 Million US
573Sanitary Sewage System of Rio das OstrasSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBRA0000< $200 Million US
574Sanitary-Storm Upgrade Albee Ave.Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2011< $200 Million US
575Scarborough (ME) Sanitary District WWTPSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA1971< $200 Million US
576Seismic Upgrade To Claremont TunnelSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
577SH 266 & SH 71 Bridge ReplacementsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2014< $200 Million US
578SR 72 (Sarasota, FL) at Myakka State ParkSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2010< $200 Million US
579Street Reconstruction Queens, NYSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
580Throgs Neck Roadway ImpvmtsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006< $200 Million US
581UN Headquarters RenovationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
582Water Main Upgrades Wall St (NYC(Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009< $200 Million US
583Water Main Work Richmond Rd (NYC)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007< $200 Million US
584Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005< $200 Million US
585West Wodonga Waste Water Treatment PlantSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesAUS2003< $200 Million US
586Western Branch Facility UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
587Western Branch WWTP Nutrient RemovalSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000< $200 Million US
588Withlacoochee (GA) Treatment Plant UpgardeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2016< $200 Million US
589A1 (M) Alconbury to PeterboroughSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR1998N/A
590A13 Thames GatewaySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2004N/A
591A19 Dishforth to Tyne TunnelSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR1998N/A
592Allenby/Connaught BarracksSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2006N/A
593Almond Valley, Seafield & Esk Waste SchemeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2001N/A
594Arlington T StationSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
595Bradley Terminal Renovation (LAX)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
596Bradley West Terminal (LAX) AdditionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
597Central Subway ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
598Claremont Tunnel Seismic UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2007N/A
599Columbia River Crossing ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
600Deep Tube Lines-Jubilee, Northern and PicadillySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2003N/A
601Expansion of John Wayne Airport, Orange Cty, CASubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
602M25 WideningSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR0000N/A
603Miles Platting Neighborhood PFISubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2007N/A
604N11/N7 Arklow/Rathnew (Ireland)Substantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesIRL0000N/A
605Ohio River Bridges - Downtown CrossingSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
606Portsmouth Highway MaintenanceSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2005N/A
607Reconstruction Portions PA TpkeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009N/A
608Replacement Of Distribution Mains in BrooklynSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2006N/A
609Retractable Roof for BC PlaceSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCAN0000N/A
610Rotterdam Centraal RR Station ReconstructionSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesNLD0000N/A
611Route 3 North Transportation Improvement ProjectSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2005N/A
612Sarajevo Canton Water and Wastewater UpgradeSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesBIH0000N/A
613St. Helens and Whiston HospitalsSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesGBR2008N/A
614Tuen Mun Road Initial DeliverySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesCHN1997N/A
615Tuen Mun Road Initial DeliverySubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesHKG1997N/A
616US 36 Managed Lanes & BRT Project - Phase IISubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA0000N/A
617Utah State Capitol Seismic RetrofitSubstantial Alterations of Existing FacilitiesUSA2009N/A

* View the Project details to see if the cost is the hard cost or total cost.

PART C: Geographic Distribution of Projects

Check this box if you would like to view a list of a projects by geographical distribution.

PART C: Geographic Distribution of Projects*
Country Total Projects
in Database
# of DBB # of pure O&M # of DB # of DBOM
(Public Finance)
# of DBOM
(Mixed Public/
Private Finance)
# of DBOM
(Private Finance)
United States of America63432911179234844
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland761131691
Australia, Commonwealth of3912053415
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China360370521
Brazil, Federative Republic of291050194
China, People's Republic of12411033
Netherlands, Kingdom of the6301011
Panama, Republic of5005000
Indonesia, Republic of5300002
France, French Republic5000212
Russian Federation4000031
Kenya, Republic of3300000
Germany, Federal Republic of3000003
Spain, Kingdom of3300000
Poland, Republic of3000003
Pakistan, Islamic Republic of2100010
India, Republic of2001001
Mexico, United Mexican States2000020
Belgium, Kingdom of2100001
Turkey, Republic of2100010
Kazakhstan, Republic of2100010
Serbia, Republic of2200000
Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of2000110
Bangladesh, People's Republic of2200000
Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of1001000
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of1000001
Cuba, Republic of1001000
Sudan, Republic of1001000
Qatar, State of1100000
Chile, Republic of1000001
Peru, Republic of1000100
Colombia, Republic of1100000
Lao People's Democratic Republic1100000
Costa Rica, Republic of1000001
Bosnia and Herzegovina1100000
Bolivia, Republic of1001000
United Arab Emirates1100000

* Keep in mind that some projects have more than one location, which may cause these numbers to appear slightly inflated.