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Delivery Method

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Background informationProject Created: November 13, 2018

Project Name: Green Line (Boston) Extension to Somerville
Year in Operation: 2022
Sector: Transportation
Subsector: Transit, Transportation Terminal
Status: Design / Construction
Type: New Facility
Description: $1.1B (cost of design and construction) 4.7 mile extension of the MBTA's Green Line from Lechemere Station in Cambridge through parts of Somerville and Medford, including an E-line spur to Union Square and a D-line spur to College Avenue at Tufts University. Seven new stations are included in the project, along with an expansive vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) in Somerville.
Delivery Method as described in the country where it's located: Design Build
Is the project still active: Yes
Comments: First iteration of the project was cancelled in 2015. Second try was structured as design-build procurement, followed by MBTA operations. CH2MHill was hired in May of 2017 to serve as essentially a checking engineer on behalf of the MBTA.

Project Locations

Address: 200 College Avenue
City: Medford
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States of America

Souces of Project Support (Non-monetary)

Checkbox Checked Land: The new line runs along existing MBTA Commuter Rail line right of ways.
Checkbox Checked Access to Land: MBTA already owns the ground.
Checkbox Checked Environmental Clearance: By MBTA

Souces of Project Support (Monetary)

Checkbox Checked

From Public (Government) Sources to Producers: The total cost of the Green Line Extension (including $1B allocated to uses other than design and construction, i.e. real estate purchases, new Green Line trolleys, and money previously spent on the project prior to December 2017 is $2.3 Billion. A series of project simplifications, and a shortening of the Medford branch of the line from Route 16 back to College Ave allowed the project to be revived with support from the MBTA and the US DOT. Renamed the GLX project, the revised cost of initial design and construction of the GLX project is $1.08 Billion. The selected contractor is GLX Constructors (a consortium of Fluor Enterprises, the Middlesex Corporation, Herzog Contracting Corporation, and Balfour Beatty Construction). The bid price, with adjustments, was $1.08 Billion.

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Direct Cash Support: USDOT is paying approximately $1.0 billion of the project's initial cost. The cities of Medford and Somerville are making small cash contributions to the project. The balance of funds to pay for the work of GLX is coming from the MBTA. The MBTA hired CH2MHill in 2017 to oversee the Design Build process. $57 million)

Project Delivery & Finance Method

Project Delivery:
Design Build (All Public Finance). Public Sponsor contracts for both initial design and construction with a single entity. Public Owner operates and maintains the resulting facility.
Is there an independant checking engineer? Yes

Procurement Approach

Project Component
Based Selection
Request for
Request for
for Bids
Design and Build Together
Project Component
Is Negotiation of the Price Permitted After Selection of the Winner?
Is Negotiation of the Scope of Services Permitted After Selection of the Winner?

Term for Key Components & Forms of Contract

Project Component
Initial Design and Construction
Special form of design build agreement. 

Project Value (If and As Known)

Date of Estimated Project Value: December 21, 2017
Project Value
Hard Cost
Hard & Soft Costs
Pre-Feasibility (Public Sponsor Expense)
> $50 Million US
> $50 Million US
$1-5 Billion US
$1-5 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US
$2-10 Billion US


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